Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's your new years resolution? WIN LOAD BY COMMENTING :)

Tomorrow is the last day of the year. It signals an end and also a beginning. For sure, a lot of us have faced various obstacles from january till now. But the most important thing in life is to learn from them. To stand up and say that you have become a better person.

So, what is your new year's resolution? What do you intend to improve/achieve next year?:)

The best answer gets P50 load. ♥

-Be a GC follower.
and real fairytales to your roll. :)
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goals for 2011

In case you didn't know, the first day of the year 2011 is "1.1.11 (January 1, 2011)". Actually this has nothing to do with my post. Im just telling! :p


I used to have a lot of goals set for the year ahead, but I always tend to forget the less important ones. And sometimes, when I back read my posts, I end up being frustrated because I did not try to achieve all the listed goals religiously. So this year, I only have 3 main goals.

1. To not be tempted by my own mind and skip class. Doing this means I have to wake up early in the morning, quit pressing that snooze button and stop telling my self that I still have five more minutes to sleep. Challenging!

2. To discipline my self and not stay up after 12 midnight. This means, I have to lessen my computer addiction and manage my time well. I have to learn how to complete all my tasks in the university paper, online jobs, and personal blogging earlier/faster.  Very challenging!

3. To be able to learn how to turn my head to the left and then to the right repeatedly when someone offers me food. In other words, to loose weight. Goodbye chocolates, Black pearl, Pancit Canton, Halo2x, and a lot more. Super duper mega ultra challenging!

I believe that if I wont skip any class, studying would be a lot easier since I do not need to find/borrow notes during my final exam week and I would be ready for any exam. Moreover, sleeping early, in my case, 12 midnight; would surely help me stay healthy and not get sick. And most of all, limiting my food intake would make me thinner. That simple! Haha. :) With all these "main goals", I'm so sure my new year would be a colorful one!

Wish me luck cause I need them! :) How about you? Do you have any goals for the new year? Tell me! ♥

PS: I call them mail goals because I also have these minor goals: To save, To buy lots of clothes, To buy another phone, To buy an iTouch, and a lot more. Believe me, you do not want to ask them all. 

That would be all for now.
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Friday, December 24, 2010

TN Christmas Party 2010! :)

PLAY! The NORSUnian (TN) first of all, is a student publication in our school, being administered by a bunch of overnight-stayers, food-addicts, and cam-whores. These people are those who loves to sleep in our office, to "attack" the food after the word AMEN in the prayer, and has no candid photos (only those with wide & ready smiles.) I believe they recently had their Christmas Party... Read on...

REWIND. But before all the FUN, they had to prepare for it first. They did some artistic stuff to produce nice decorations and sashes. (Those who made the sashes have  an artistic blood indeed) Aside from that, they had a "hot" encounter with the not-so-friendly saleslady in a department store. 

FAST FORWARD. Everyone really had fun. They had their very first Mr. and Ms. TN 2011 which rocked the night. The candidates were overflowing with beauty, confidence and wit. Delicious food was also served. It was perfect!

The stage. Thanks to the artists for this!
The sashes with the some of the staff members. 
The astig people!
Vanity before the show.
The three CUTIES :P
The self-acclaimed Mr. and Ms. TN 2009
The most anticipated candidates...
These people are really moody, they easily get annoyed and bored. They can have headaches, toothaches, and stomach aches in an instant when they are required to clean, do an intermission number, or join some games. They can be really tardy too! They wont do the dishes and would "evaporate" when called to wash some. They are very noisy. They shout non-stop.

However, these moody, tardy, noisy people are my family...
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

How she begun to love TOM

This post brought to you by Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

It was an ordinary afternoon. My mom and I just arrived from a town near our place when a cousin of mine, Cora, aged 7; came running towards us in tears. We were alarmed on what could have possibly happened. We asked her if she was okay, and that was when we begun to burst in laughter.

We came to know that the reason behind her tears was her dearest crush. She related that her crush told her to stay away from him because she had bad breath and insisted that she brush her teeth first.

Feeling pitiful for my lil cousin's sad experience, my mom went inside her room immediately. When she came back, she brought with her Tom's Of Maine Wicked Fresh! Toothpaste and Wicked Fresh! Mouthwash. My mom told Cora to use them from now on because they provide long-lasting fresh breath and have a refreshing mint flavor. She added that they were made of natural flavor oil and a patent-pending botanical extract which is safe for all ages.

So from then on, Cora used them. She also shared that it wasn't only her breath which improved, but her love life as well. What a funny and a WickedFresh experience!

How about you guys? Do you a WickedFresh experience too? I encourage you all to share your experiences to us and get a chance to win amazing prizes up tp $500 at! That's Wicked Fresh contest page

Also, please like Tom's of Maine Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @TomsofMaine. Thank you guys!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

FACEBOOK LIKES (Win load if you comment!)

I am totally hooked up on liking Facebook pages! For tonight, here are some of the nice quotes that I liked. :D These quotes really made me laugh when I read them! I hope you enjoy them too!

Teacher: Can somebody give me Green, Pink, and Yellow in one sentence?
Student: I can! I heard the phone was ringing... GREEN.. GREEN! So, I PINK up the phone, and said, "YELLOW, who's there?"

(Mom is pregnant) 
Son: What's in there?
Mom: A baby, your sister!
Son: Do you love her?
Mom: Yes, very much!
Mom: !!!

Girl "12 years old": 
Mom, Billy showed me his pen** at school today
Mom: (freaking out)
Girl: It reminded me of a peanut.
Mom: Why? Was it small?
Girl: No it was salty! 
Mom:(passed out) :)

Here's a sweet one by the way...

Guy: Be right back!
Girl: Okay
*2 hours later*
Guy: I'm back.
Girl: What took you so long?
Guy: Someone asked me why I loved you.

And if you still have time... You might wanna try this out! :D

‎1. Go to google translate
2. English -> French
3. Type in "Take a dirty picture for me"
4. Copypaste the translated text and reverse language to French -> English, paste into box
5. Look at resulting text

Note: I'm giving away P20 load to the first one who can comment with the result! This is open to my followers only. :) Always visit here for more prizes! :D

PS: Please like the Philippine Bloggers Society Fan page. =)
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

No more Christmas Vacation for me

Note: This is a messy udpate! Please bare with me. I haven't had much sleep lately.

Update #1: Two days ago, I posted this on Facebook. "Its vacation time!!" However, I think I posted too soon. My entire Christmas vacation will be spent in making short stories and poems for our Handurawan, a literary folio. I have tons of poems so I guess that wont be any problem. However, I have a difficulty on deciding the topic for my short story. Last year, I wrote about a girl who fell in love with a girl. Do you have any suggestions?

Update #2:  I am postponing my giveaway until next year. I want to look for more sponsors so lots of blogger would join. Wanna be one? Click the "giveaway everyday" at the header please. Thank you. And speaking of sponsors, please visit Shugah who sponsored a vintage necklace to me. She is so kind and sweet! 

Update #3: "Simply Amazing." I am now a member of the SMART family. However, I only have one contact in my phonebook since I have been a globe user since then. Haha! Wanna be text mates? :) I would love to chat with my co-bloggers.

Update #4: Christmas means parties! This coming Tuesday, we are gonna have a party. Last year, we all wore polka dots dresses. This year, our theme is colors of Christmas. If you opt to wear red, then you dress, accessories, shoes, and even your hair (you gotta dye it) must be red. The colors to choose from is red, green, blue, purple, and yellow. This will be so fun! Below is a photo of our group last year.

Dora, Me, Janet, Rolyn
That's all for now. Take care Y'all.
God bless. Xx
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010



First of all, I would like to thank everyone who joined in my recently concluded giveaway! Because of your warm acceptance, I am presenting to you the newest gimmick that this blog offers!


In all the 365 days of the year, this blog will offer you a variety of giveaways which I will be hosting or joining. So when one giveaway ends today, another one will be up the following day. Isn't that great? :) You will never run out of chances to win amazing gifts like cash prizes, accessories, food, ad spaces, EC credits, planners, coupons, and a lot more!

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Today is December 15th, which means... my EASY $5 GIVEAWAY is over! And of course, I have already picked a winner. I was able to do so thru!  :)

The lucky blogger won $5 and a lot more! Here are all the prizes:

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So keep on visiting my blog for more surprises! Thanks everyone. Stay in touch! =)
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love for MATH

Believe it or not, no matter how many times I have complained about the subject, I actually love math (except Geometry). I love solving for x and y, and for the value of this and that. So basically, I like algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. It thrills me and does not bore me at all. However, there is a big BUT.

It has been almost a year since I took and passed (thankfully!) my differential and integral calculus. Thus, all the lessons that I have learned, if not then most of it, are now really vague. I couldn't remember all the formulas and solutions. This semester, I am taking up statistics which requires you to do a little math.

So the big BUT is... I love Math BUT I couldn't remember a thing unless the context is explained to me again. After an explanation, I can handle things on my own. I cannot incorporate those I learned from algebra, etc since my memory is not that good. If only I had a brilliant memory.... If only.

To end this post, let me share to you a quote which stuck in my mind:

The great thing about Math is that it teaches us one very important thing: that every problem has a solution.

I want to contradict that statement cause I know that not all problems in Math have a solution, but I opt to leave it that way. I hope that inspires you as well. As for me, the solution is to do a review on all the topics I have encountered in Math.

Take care everyone!
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Website FUNtorial

Last Saturday, we had a pictorial for our website. That was for the student journalists organization which I am currently heading. I am posting this to let y'all know that journalists are not nerds - we could be trendy too! All the members had to to do wacky, scared, sexy, and freestyle poses. Aside from the usual bonding that we have, I know everybody enjoyed that special moment for narcissism. We all just love the cameras, don't we?

We only had to wear casual clothes, so here here are some of my photos. =)

Me ♥
With my co-editors, Rina (left) and Rolyn (Right)
With my co-editors, Rina (left) and Rolyn (Right)
I don't understand our poses, sorry! Haha
We love "peace poses".
I told you so! Haha. Another peace pose.
I love this pic, BUT I don't look scared at all. Do I?
Happiness! :)
Electric fan effect!
FYI, this isn't a candid pose. =)
A happy geek.
With all the editors and Caroline (lavander) our hardworking Business Manager
With Justine (black) and paul (white)
Bang! Bang! I love this photo! Haha :)
About my outfit. I wore a violet off-shoulder blouse and paired it with a ballerina-like skirt. If you noticed, my shoes were a lil bigger than my size. That is because I just borrowed that. It wouldn't hurt to be thrifty you know. It's just a FUNtorial anyway. =)

That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed.
Comment. Share. Follow. =)
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

An organized Rocksteddy Concert

During the Founder's Week Celebration of our university, our Student Government organized a concert. The band that they invited was "Rocksteddy'. At first, I hesitated on watching the event because based on my experience, the concert grounds would be so crowded  and disorganized - everyone would be pushing those in front of them just to get in quickly. There weren't even any lines during last year's concert!

However, upon hearing that the organizers made sure of having crowd control products, I decided to attend. I know that these products would greatly help in making people stay in lines. I also know that security would not be an issue because the guards would be able to check each the spectator's bag because everyone would be queuing.

So to make the story short, the organizers had stanchions, more specifically velvet ropes to control the crowd. And because of that, the concert was organized. I really had a blast! And oh, I think these products are very helpful in traffic control too. I hope our city would avail of Barricades, another crowd control product which is useful for minimizing traffic jam, soon.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Next big goal after graduation and a promise to self: Boracay Vacay!

 Soon you soon Bora? Yes. Very soon!

These are the reasons why I want to go to Bora.
After hopping from one Facebook profile to another, I finally made up my mind and promised myself a Boracay Island Vacation after my much anticipated college graduation.

If you will look at the collage above, I believe I need not explain why I want to buy a plane ticket right now and be in the first flight to Bora. The scenery is just breathtaking and the island is filled with fun vibes. I am not sure but I think there are a lot of activities that one can do the whole day. And just before the fall of the night, people will start to be in groups and parties here and there will set off. I know that this vacay is the perfect way to reward myself from having done a good job in school. 

And oh! If you're wondering who the guy in black in the photo above is... that's my Kuya Noriel. He recently had his Bora vacay and the photos are his. More than that, I promised to spend my first Bora trip with him and our cycle of friends. He has helped me become stronger and has taught me how to enjoy life to the fullest, so I think it's just that I include him in the reasons why I want to go.

Next big goal after graduation and a promise to self: Boracay vacay!
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An hour and 30 minutes of mental torture

"Goof afternoon class!" ...and the torture started, I told myself.

First of all, I am not saying that she does not know how to teach. She had earned a degree and I respect that. She has her own teaching methods and she has the right to teach us however she wants. Actually, this isn't a very serious post. So please, calm down and continue reading. :)

An hour and about 40 minutes ago, I entered the classroom with all the energy in the world. Though it was so hot in there, I was calm and smiling. I greeted my classmates a friendly hello and came to my seat. A few minutes after, she entered. She seated on the seat in the center of the room and then she said, "Good afternoon class".

I call it torture because all she ever does is talk and talk. The situation could have been better if what she has been talking is related to the subject. Let me share to you a quick story.

She asked one of my classmates the six senses of man. Just to stop you from laughing; no, it isn't absence like that in a TV commercial. There were actually six and not five, she said; the sixth being the mind power. Throwing all the lessons learned about the senses of man in my elementary years doesn't concern me. But the switch from the senses to Uranium, constellations, stars, Humpy Dumpy and even Pacquiao (she's an avid fan, I tell you!) is just insane.

And so, for one hour and 30 minutes, we talked about the six senses and all those nonsense sub-topics mentioned above. We got out of the classroom drained with energy to even put a smirk on our faces.

Mental torture? Definitely.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown to the real world

Less than four months to go!
I wanted to start this post by counting the days left before my graduation but I guess that's too much of my math-hater mind to handle. Anyway, I do not want to say, "If I would graduate" because I want to be positive on this - I have to omit the word IF. (Darn it, I typed the word IF three times already. Purpose defeated, eh?)

Looking back, I can say that I enjoy being a student. I'd rather worry about my fare to school than worry about the bills like what my mom always does. I would rather worry on my projects than worry about finding food to be served on the table. And if given just one minute to stay immature, I would say I would rather want to want to continue on being a student.

But NO, saying that would be selfish of me. I have grown, and so did my goals and responsibilities. I have stepped out of my childish wants and settled on bigger ones. I have learned that life is short, and that I may not have all the time in the world so I must not waste it on petty aspirations.

I am still unaware of what the "real world" is, but surely, it is a jungle there. However, no matter how hard it may be, I am ready for it - with head up high. =)
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Sunday, December 5, 2010



I had this blog for sometime now. This blog have had a PR3 for months until the other day. I checked its PR and it gave me a N/A. I dont understand why. I have searched the web and I see that I am not the only one suffering this. I recently revamped this site: changed it layout, took out some links, posted some. But I don't think I made any major difference for it to completely be drained with PR.

Can anybody please enlighten me? This is really worrying me. :( I hope I did not completely lose my PR. I really do...
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I gained 30 more in 20 minutes and still counting! 
So I'll be honest here, I want more Twitter followers. Who doesn't? I tweet with my heart. I want to share my thoughts to the world, or if not, to those around me. I want them to know that I exist. I want them to know that I have a voice. I want to meet new friends. I want to share ideas.

I have been scouting for people with the same interests as I have but with no luck, it has been months and I only have 80+ followers! Well, that's until I had my giveaway and until I stumbled into a REALLY COOL SITE which gives you followers in exchange of "Facebook likes".

I am a certified "Facebook Liker". I like so many fan pages for nothing. Thus, I gave the site a go. And thank God, it worked. See the image above? That happened after 20 minutes prior to my signing up. Yeah! Cool. Follow me in twitter and thru google connect if you want to know the site. Comment with the user names you used too. Thanks!

*Do you know that the more followers that you have, the higher pay you will get? Yes, I am monetizing my twitter account as well. You can do so too. Check my "Make money Online" Page. 

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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have been thinking of giveaways that I could host always. I thought of giving nail polishes and lotions and all those stuff, but they just don't appeal to me that much. I do not want to make my followers do a lot of things just to be able to join. So, I'm making it simple.


I will be giving $5 (plus 1,000 EC credits) to a follower of this blog. 

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Yes it's that easy!

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Please comment with your twitter username, google username, 
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That's it! Let's rock!
This giveaway will run up December 15 only.
Prize will be given thru paypal. ☺

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Christmas Wish

Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas :)
I do not really know how many days there is left before Christmas 
but I sure know that it's coming...

When I was 7, I had always hoped to get tons of pad papers and pencils. I loved to have them in baby blue colors. I also loved the barbies I received. I made them their own dresses. I cut some used clothing and sewed them. The outcome was really crappy, but I was happy having made them...

When I was 12, I wished to have hair clips and head bands. I wanted those with Kawaii designs. I remember one afternoon when I used almost all the hair clips that I had. I could not imagine how ridiculous I could have looked but I perfectly remember how proud and happy I was for having them...

When I was 15, I wished of having stationeries and autographs. Do you remember buying one too? Who is your crush? Who is your first Kiss? What is your most embarrassing moment, and most of all, What is your motto? Who couldn't have tried signing up to one? And imagine the electrifying feeling that we have when we realize that our crush likes us too? My oh my! Overflowing happiness...

Four years later, my preferences have changed again. I want to have sassy clothes, gadgets, fashionable shoes and bags, make-up kits and a lot more. But most of all, I want to be the one who will make the special persons who gave all the gifts I received in the past happy...

...because this year, the thing I want most 
is to make them feel the happiness 
that I felt when I received 
my papers and pencils, 
my hair clips and head bands, 
and my stationeries and autographs...
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Her Comfortable Scrubs

After she graduated, my cousin has been doing her nursing duties at the provincial hospital here in our town. But with the high fashion sense and the delicate skin that she has, the clothing used in their uniform that the hospital provided did not suit her.

She is one of the persons who is very choosy when it comes to scrubs clothing - she likes those which are soft, made of finest materials, and of course, very fashionable and colorful (pink, chocolate, lilac, and navy blue are her favorite colors). She always believed that one needs to look and feel good when working.

So, she bought her own uniform and changed her old one. She said that she found her comfortable scrubs online. I also believe that there are plenty of online stores in the internet where one can find cheap scrubs! So if you want one too, go and suit yourself: buy now!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Its more than just a short course!
Its a realization of my 

The other day, I searched the internet for a web design (short course) in De La Salle University. And fortunately, there is. So I mailed them up and inquired.

In God's will, I will be graduating this March, and though I am an Information Technology student, it has always been a dream to study web designing minus all the theories about computer and stuff. I am so agitated that soon, I will be able to live up that dream.

So why Lasal? Simply because their web design course is superb and simply because DLSU has been my dream school since elementary. I am also planning to take up a Masters Degree of my course after I take this short course.

Hopefully everything will fall into places. Soon, I shall say, Hello Webdesign! Animo Lasal! :)
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Revived & Revamped

It has been months since I left this blog in the blue. Why? This has been my money making blog, but unfortunately, for some reasons, its PR decreased to N/A. Tragic!

However, because of that, I gained the best work in Odesk. I was writing for him once a month and he pays me based on this blog's PR. After he found out that I lost my PR, he gave me another job which I still do up to now. I have earned more than $1000 from him already. A blessing in disguise!

Another good news is that I got my PR back! I never thought that though I did not write (or do) anything for this blog, it still managed to have some visitors and gain PR3. Its so amazing my heart jumped happily! 

After having known of the good news, I instantly revamped my layout. I chose a simple one because I will still be having this as a money making blog. I also made a floating chatbox and a contact me form. All the gratefulness to SUPERGULAMAN for lending me his codes.

WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT ME MORE OFTEN: I have an upcoming giveaway. Wanna be a sponsor? Please contact me! Thanks.

PS: I joined a contest which might enable me to have a holiday break worth £400.  All you need to do is register and answer a single question. Join too! Click here. Who knows? We might be heading to our dream escapade soon. :)
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Been So Busy

So many tasks to do, so many obligations to finish, so little.... no, not time, so little will to finish them all. I wonder if I'd go crazy with all these undone works. Oh my! Good thing classes are being shortened. I have time to relax and then work at night. :)

RANDOM THOUGHT: Its almost Christmas. I hope my bosses would give me a bonus! Ho ho ho! (:

Let's get back to me updating you of the recent happenings in my life.

I just got a haircut. I did not want it this short though. :( I feel so not pretty with this cut. I hope my hair would grow fast. Let's hope! ☺

Here's a recent photo of me:

I'm a mess. :(
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Friday, May 14, 2010

blog makeover!

I would love to give this site a makeover but I have no money, so yea... I joined WAHMAHOLIC's blogger makeover! I hope Id be the winner! Wish me luck :)

WAHMaholic’s Blog Makeover Giveaway
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Affordable Health Insurance

I agree to what elders say – we have entirely no idea on what will happen to our lives. We do not know when we would be facing the greatest trouble we could ever imagine. Thus, as early as now, I want to be prepared.

Being sick is indeed costly, but all of us know what we cannot avoid being sick sometimes. There will always come a time when our bodies will refuse to work the way we want it too.

And when that time comes, I shall know what to do. So, I am looking for affordable and quality health insurance services.

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