Sunday, September 21, 2008

think about it. ;]

Is there a hope for a better future?

Filipino youth? Are we doing something to get that change that we want?

Rallies are always done these days. Some of them are shouting for the resignation or impeachment of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. In that way, change would be possible, they said. Yes, that may be an option for the best way to stop corruption is through kicking off the government official who does it, but the question here is, who will replace her? Noli? Bayani Fernando? or worst, Erap again? They who are not even qualified? They who have also been a crocodile in our government? How could we even be so sure that they will not be worse than GMA?

Some would say that we should give GMA a chance to prove herself more. but isn't now the time? didn't we gave her a chance already? Are we going to wait for another Garci scandal to be awake from the miseries we got from her administration?

Others would also say that election this 2010 is our last hope. and i could not agree less. But could i possibly expect that it wound not be about the amount of money that the candidates will give, nor on the number of ads both on television and newspapers that will show their faces?

As part of youth, it is in our great concern that the voters be able to understand that our future will rely on the names that they will write on their ballots... that it is us who will be affected the most... that in exchange for that 100peso bill that they will get from the candidate is a million of suffering from price hikes and crisis.

The election will still be years from now but it would be better if we think about it this soon. It would be better if we ponder about this things a hundred times.. for if not, it would also be us who will suffer...

THINK ABOUT IT. Do you still want to suffer?

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

He answered my prayers...

I gave up. It was as if there's no more light in my dark and unruly world for my source of wisdom died. I had ran out of reasons to live and to fight. I was left alone with no one to hold on. But then He showed me that it was just a new beginning and hopefully, a better one.

It was already 1am when I decided to sleep but before closing my eyes, I prayed. I asked that he help me get through this, I asked for a way to be happier again. I asked for a light.

The sound of my alarm clock woke me up at exactly five in the morning. The loving face of my mother greeted me with a smile. I forced to stretch the muscles in my face and returned a fake smile. She then offered me a breakfast but I refused to eat. I was "not myself" that time and even the most delicious food would not bring my appetite back. She then informed me to prepare my stuff for we'll be leaving early. We were scheduled to got to sandbar and watch dolphins that day. And so, I did. I brought a shades and a phone. I was certainly not in the mood.

And so, there were we, riding a car, making our way to Bais City. Silent music was played, making me feel more depressed than ever. Then just when i knew it, I was already in a pump boat watching the clear blue sea. I was physically with my family but mentally, I was in another world. I became sadder and sadder every minute that i secretly weep.

“Wow!,” my aunt shouted. I snapped back to reality and found myself surrounded by lots of dolphins. My cousins were so amazed, so was my sister and my mother. I payed attention to their smiles and then i felt “lighter.” Is this the light that I was asking for?

“Whoah!,” my aunt screamed again. and this time, in a more excited tone for the dolphins are getting nearer and nearer. And then I switched my attention on the incredible dolphins. They stayed in a single place, all together. They don't swim by themselves but by groups. They jump and dive with accordance. Then, i remembered my friends. The days we spent together. The laughters and all the sleepless nights of chitchatting. The times when we comfort each other. the advices we tell and the secrets we keep. Can this be the answer to my prayer?

At about 3 in the afternoon, we were already offshore. The rain was pouring hard. We then decided to play in the rain. All of us were enjoying the raindrops. I felt the happiness in the air. Everybody was laughing. Then TN sinked in to my mind. The overnights, all the sing-a-longs and the unending jokes.

And that's it! I saw it. I really did. I saw the light that i had prayed for. I saw it on the things I never thought i would.

I realized that on simple, God-made creations, there is happiness. I realized that whether i am at the top or at the bottom, my family and friends are with me. And so i could therefore say that there's more to life than a boyfrriend. Thanks to the good GOD, for if not for him, i wouldn't realize that all i have to have to be happy is my family, my friends, and HIS presence. ;))
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Friday, September 19, 2008

breaking free...

sunday - i was busy preparing all my notes... i was really eager to study... what's new? it has been my life since high school... i study not because i want to (honestly) but because i have to live up with the expectations of the people around me...

high grades and not just satisfactory ones..

that's what they tell me.. that's what they're obliging me to have.. all my life, i did nothing but to do what they tell me to do.. ive been a puppet. but hey! its ok.. cause i love them.. cause i know they're just thinking bout my future.. its ok, or i guess it WAS ok..

now that I'm old enough to decide, i have this desire to break free.. i want to try being just an ordinary student.. i want to try going to school without carrying the burden of their mountain-high expectations.. i want to experience what it is to decide for myself..

i dont want to feel the fear again.. the fear of tellin them that i failed in some of my quizzes, that my midterm exams were a disaster.. i had this high hope that they would understand.. that they will say that its ok..

just when I'm about to take the first step of breaking free, i received a text..

"hi ta! how was your exams, perfect ba? cguru naman pinag aralan mo ng mabuti yon."

and so i asked, is there still hope of me breaking free? i guess there's none..
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hu'z a Bitch?! =)

if being a bitch means...

you stand up for my myself and your beliefs...

you stand up for those you love...

you speak your mind, think your own thoughts, or do things your way...

you wont compromise what's in your heart...

you live your life your way...

you wont allow any one to step on you...

you refuse to tolerate injustice...

you have the courage and strength to allow yourself to be you...

so let them try to stamp on you...

douse your inner flame...

squash every ounce of beauty you hold wiithin

~~~they wont suceed...

and if that makes you a bitch, so be it.

^^embrace the title and be proud to be a BITCH!!..
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Why love? When it hurts you double! :[

I often wonder why people take the journey to a magical world, as they say, called love. Is it probably because love conquers all? Because it gives us this “kilig” feeling? Or is it because of the happiness we feel the moment we lay our eyes on that special someone?

All smiles, all laughs, kilig times, and all those happy moments together is the price of a single tear. Take note, just a single tear. And how many tears do fall when we cry? When we cry for him? Did we even think if he’s worth it? Despite all the odds, why can’t we stop ourselves from sailing on those rivers of affection surrounded with this undefiable feeling of pain? Why do we still fall in love again even after the most bitter break up? Even if we know that in the end, we would still find ourselves alone, crying, justifying these vexing heartaches?

-July 7, 2007-

“Without you, my life would not be the same as before”

These were the last words I heard that night from someone I loved so dearly. Yes! I did! I took the journey too, just like any other ordinary gal would do. I took the risk. I ventured a seemingly no-end-of-hurt route. Stupidity? Yes it may be. But what can I say, I aint a programmed machine. I have a heart that started to learn how to beat.

At first, it was like a fairytale story in which I played as the princess who found her prince. A prince who said will love me with all his heart. A prince who would complete me. One who cannot contain his self without me. I felt like I was the happiest individual ever to have lived for it is not an everyday story to be loved back by someone you love the most. But unlike a young girl’s dream of a, if not perfect, then an almost perfect love story, mine did not have this “and they live happily ever after” ending. It was the opposite. We fought and fought. Small mistakes turned out to be big quarrels. Heart-melting words were not expressed anymore. The music of endearment was never heard again. It was lost. What was left was nothing but misunderstanding days.

How did this came to be? Why did this happen? Did I run out of time? Did 12mn strike already? I guess it definitely did. I won’t say I did not try to fix that “out of the ordinary something” that we had because I did. I tried every possible way to bring back the spark. To find a way to turn things back on how they are used to be, on how they should be. But unfortunate as I am, I failed. But not because he did not want us back. In fact he did his best to make yesterday’s joyful memories our present too. I did not give up. Neither did he. But destiny did. And sadly, science still did not find a cure for a broken heart.

Just like a mirror, once broken, one can never paste it back for it would just cause him wounds. Ours was broken, especially mine. So here I am now, reminiscing blissful memories. Remembering the days when he’ll say those three golden words. Yet, alone, endlessly crying and justifying these vexing heartaches.

Last statement? LOVE HURTS!!
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