Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I gained 30 more in 20 minutes and still counting! 
So I'll be honest here, I want more Twitter followers. Who doesn't? I tweet with my heart. I want to share my thoughts to the world, or if not, to those around me. I want them to know that I exist. I want them to know that I have a voice. I want to meet new friends. I want to share ideas.

I have been scouting for people with the same interests as I have but with no luck, it has been months and I only have 80+ followers! Well, that's until I had my giveaway and until I stumbled into a REALLY COOL SITE which gives you followers in exchange of "Facebook likes".

I am a certified "Facebook Liker". I like so many fan pages for nothing. Thus, I gave the site a go. And thank God, it worked. See the image above? That happened after 20 minutes prior to my signing up. Yeah! Cool. Follow me in twitter and thru google connect if you want to know the site. Comment with the user names you used too. Thanks!

*Do you know that the more followers that you have, the higher pay you will get? Yes, I am monetizing my twitter account as well. You can do so too. Check my "Make money Online" Page. 

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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have been thinking of giveaways that I could host always. I thought of giving nail polishes and lotions and all those stuff, but they just don't appeal to me that much. I do not want to make my followers do a lot of things just to be able to join. So, I'm making it simple.


I will be giving $5 (plus 1,000 EC credits) to a follower of this blog. 

Update! More Prizes!
+1 month ad space @ realmofadreamer.com (PR2)
+1 month ad space @ learnandmakemoneyonline.com (PR3)
+1 month ad space @ eventscontestsandfreebies.com (PR1)
+1 month ad space @ theperegrinator.com (PR1)
+1 month ad space @ fashionandbeautycraze.info 

Only two rules to join:

1. Follow me thru google connect. Click here. (1pt)
2. Follow me in twitter. Click here. (1pt)

Yes it's that easy!

Want additional points?

Blog/Tweet/Share this on FB/plurk/digg/your site, etc. (1pt each)
Place the banner in your sidebar. (5pts)
INCLUDE this in your latest post. (1pt)
Comment on any of my posts. (2pts)
Sponsor Paypal Cash, Ad Spaces, EC credits, Etc. (5pts)

*credits to the owner of the photo*

Please comment with your twitter username, google username, 
and the links if you did some of the OPTIONAL tasks.
Entries would not be counted if not seen in the comments section.

That's it! Let's rock!
This giveaway will run up December 15 only.
Prize will be given thru paypal. ☺

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Christmas Wish

Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas :)
I do not really know how many days there is left before Christmas 
but I sure know that it's coming...

When I was 7, I had always hoped to get tons of pad papers and pencils. I loved to have them in baby blue colors. I also loved the barbies I received. I made them their own dresses. I cut some used clothing and sewed them. The outcome was really crappy, but I was happy having made them...

When I was 12, I wished to have hair clips and head bands. I wanted those with Kawaii designs. I remember one afternoon when I used almost all the hair clips that I had. I could not imagine how ridiculous I could have looked but I perfectly remember how proud and happy I was for having them...

When I was 15, I wished of having stationeries and autographs. Do you remember buying one too? Who is your crush? Who is your first Kiss? What is your most embarrassing moment, and most of all, What is your motto? Who couldn't have tried signing up to one? And imagine the electrifying feeling that we have when we realize that our crush likes us too? My oh my! Overflowing happiness...

Four years later, my preferences have changed again. I want to have sassy clothes, gadgets, fashionable shoes and bags, make-up kits and a lot more. But most of all, I want to be the one who will make the special persons who gave all the gifts I received in the past happy...

...because this year, the thing I want most 
is to make them feel the happiness 
that I felt when I received 
my papers and pencils, 
my hair clips and head bands, 
and my stationeries and autographs...
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Her Comfortable Scrubs

After she graduated, my cousin has been doing her nursing duties at the provincial hospital here in our town. But with the high fashion sense and the delicate skin that she has, the clothing used in their uniform that the hospital provided did not suit her.

She is one of the persons who is very choosy when it comes to scrubs clothing - she likes those which are soft, made of finest materials, and of course, very fashionable and colorful (pink, chocolate, lilac, and navy blue are her favorite colors). She always believed that one needs to look and feel good when working.

So, she bought her own uniform and changed her old one. She said that she found her comfortable scrubs online. I also believe that there are plenty of online stores in the internet where one can find cheap scrubs! So if you want one too, go and suit yourself: buy now!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Its more than just a short course!
Its a realization of my 

The other day, I searched the internet for a web design (short course) in De La Salle University. And fortunately, there is. So I mailed them up and inquired.

In God's will, I will be graduating this March, and though I am an Information Technology student, it has always been a dream to study web designing minus all the theories about computer and stuff. I am so agitated that soon, I will be able to live up that dream.

So why Lasal? Simply because their web design course is superb and simply because DLSU has been my dream school since elementary. I am also planning to take up a Masters Degree of my course after I take this short course.

Hopefully everything will fall into places. Soon, I shall say, Hello Webdesign! Animo Lasal! :)
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Revived & Revamped

It has been months since I left this blog in the blue. Why? This has been my money making blog, but unfortunately, for some reasons, its PR decreased to N/A. Tragic!

However, because of that, I gained the best work in Odesk. I was writing for him once a month and he pays me based on this blog's PR. After he found out that I lost my PR, he gave me another job which I still do up to now. I have earned more than $1000 from him already. A blessing in disguise!

Another good news is that I got my PR back! I never thought that though I did not write (or do) anything for this blog, it still managed to have some visitors and gain PR3. Its so amazing my heart jumped happily! 

After having known of the good news, I instantly revamped my layout. I chose a simple one because I will still be having this as a money making blog. I also made a floating chatbox and a contact me form. All the gratefulness to SUPERGULAMAN for lending me his codes.

WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT ME MORE OFTEN: I have an upcoming giveaway. Wanna be a sponsor? Please contact me! Thanks.

PS: I joined a contest which might enable me to have a holiday break worth £400.  All you need to do is register and answer a single question. Join too! Click here. Who knows? We might be heading to our dream escapade soon. :)
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Been So Busy

So many tasks to do, so many obligations to finish, so little.... no, not time, so little will to finish them all. I wonder if I'd go crazy with all these undone works. Oh my! Good thing classes are being shortened. I have time to relax and then work at night. :)

RANDOM THOUGHT: Its almost Christmas. I hope my bosses would give me a bonus! Ho ho ho! (:

Let's get back to me updating you of the recent happenings in my life.

I just got a haircut. I did not want it this short though. :( I feel so not pretty with this cut. I hope my hair would grow fast. Let's hope! ☺

Here's a recent photo of me:

I'm a mess. :(
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