Thursday, October 16, 2008



I am blessed with a great family; the best mom in the world, a loving bro, and a very special sister. รถ

What more could i ask for? It would be, that my family would stay together and will be strong enough to work it out till the end, of course, with God's guidance.. ;]

Two years ago, something happened... something i have been fearing about ever since...

I woke up early one morning cause of the loud voices. I was fully aware that it was my mom and my brother, and basing on the pitch of their voices, I knew they were arguing about something...

And yes, I was not wrong... they did fight. I thought it was just a petty thing... that it would be solved after a few arguments... but it turned out to be more than that.

Days passed. tears fell and fell. i saw my mom weep cause of it for days... i tried to understand her as much as i could. then i did this, i prayed.

"Lord, i know that i should trust you with all of these. there are reasons for the tears and the pains that my family is feeling at this moment. Lord, i hope that everything will be fine. i hope that you will guide us to the right path. please lead us Lord."

And like what everybody says, the Lord listens to our prayers. I guess he heard mine too.

The dark chapter of my family's life just ended. we are now happy again. were together and we will be strong enough to work it out till the end..

And there's no other person i wanna thank but the Lord. and so, again, thank you my LORD... <3
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