Wednesday, December 30, 2009

“What Is Your Memorable Christmas Experience”

The most memotable xmas experience I had was recieveing a gift which was a pad of paper, a ball pen, and a pink pencil case.

I received this gift when I was like 5years old. And you just don't know how happy I felt upon receiving my first pad paper and ball pen. lol Happiness in childhood days cant be compared to anything, its just so... pure? :) well that's it.

Thanks to: Candy Blush, PPESO, SKIPHEARTBEAT, Jhelo Cruz and breathe for LOVE for making this mini Christmas blog giveaway possible.

4. Follow me on Twitter- @karendayle . 3 pts
5. Tweet this blog contest – ” I Just Joined @karendayle’s Mini Christmas Blog Giveaway ” .3pts
6. Come back here and post your entries by commenting. Include the URL of your blog post, tweet, and email address that you used to subscribed on my blog.
7. So easy? Just sit back and relax and wait for the announcement of the winners on 01/09/2010


There will be 10 winners in this contest. The winners will be picked by the help of Mr. and the contest will end on January 8, 2010 11:59 PM Philippine time. I’ll announce the winner on January 9, 2010 and please make sure that you enter your email adress correctly. Good luck guys! Merry Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Are you one of those who saves ample time on taking care of your body? Then I present to you A heath and Beauty Site!

This site offers tips and useful information that one could use to improve our appearance and make sure that our health is in good state. The author, a 20 year old lass, makes sure that she shares tested tips about health and beauty.

Regarding beauty, she has written interesting topics like make up tutorials which is a very good help to those who are not yet familiar with make up techniques. She has also written anti aging tips, low cost acne treatments, and the things to put in mind in choosing beauty products. All of these expert ideas for free when you browse her blog!

That's not all! She also talks about health tips which has a very big part in staying fab and beautiful. She talks about drug addiction, how to relieve on self from stress, travel tips or relaxation and a lot more.

You'll never get tired of reading her posts especially that she makes sure her tips are budget friendly. Interested? Visit her now!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Gossip, Fashion, Women - probably the three best things in life.
]And you got it, all under one roof. Divafabulosa!

For all those girls hooked up on fashion and gossip, you must see this site. It talks about beauty, and it also gives reviews for products that she believes. She has written the dilemms of pimples and gray hairs that all of us have been tryin to figure out how to get over with.

Also, we would always love to hear gossips about our fave stars! And she got it all covered. She writes about celebrities like Pussycat's Nicole, Britney, and a lot more. To quench our thirst for more of the shining stars, she has also written her views regarding the fashion sense of the famous peeps. Wanna know if your say matches hers? Visit her up!

She has also written about men's fashion sense. I know ALL of us have a say on this. LOL... Are you a Pattinson fan? She has written about him too! Indeed, RP fits her Hot stuff category best.

All for the best in her site! So get that mouse movin and click her backlink now. :)
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Got Heart Planner 2010

I promised Miss Vera that I would be joining her giveaway and so, here I am. hahahah :D For those who wants to have a planner, she is hosting a Got Heart Planner Giveaway.

What's a Got Heart Planner?

Featuring at least twelve indigenous communities in the Philippines, the paintings of an Obo Manobo, Retchor “Ettok” Umpan, and passages written by young indigenous peoples themselves, the GOT HEART 2010 PLANNER is both interactive and youthful with its numerous activities and amazing information. The Planner also has different activities that will allow you to discover more about our IPs in fun and light ways. Aside from promoting love of culture, the GOT HEART PLANNER proceeds will help fund the foundation’s projects for the indigenous peoples, specially a T’boli School in Cotabato.

To join:

  • Simply leave comments on this blog post and earn one entry per comment.
  • Comments on any of her blog posts dating from December 7 until the 25th will also qualify as one entry per comment.
  • Blog about her giveaway and earn 5 entries, you also earn an additional entry when you leave the link to your post here (so there are six total points here).

There! God bless everyone... :)
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I always tell my self, when I get married, I'll still be writing... And I'll still look good.

Jade, the owner of the said site, just made a perfect fit of who I wanna be in the near future!
Here are the fast facts about our dear Jade: She is a pure Filipino but is married to a dutchman. This is perfect because she will be able to share the culture of her husband to us, her avid readers! She named her site as such, because they wanted to have a baby.

When you start scrolling between the pages of her site, you will definitely enjoy. She does not only gives fun, but she makes sure that her every post had a lesson - which is one reason why this site will surely leave a mark in your hearts. A total knockdown story I have read from her is about PMS. To find it... Click here.

Aside from funny stories, she also writes about a lil bit of everything. Celeb goosips are present in her site. Others are about body shaping, environments, and events such as holiday season and a lot more. Visit her site now and get ready to be entertained! :)
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

DarlingRose Paper Goods!

DarlingRose Paper Goods!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas Everyone. Are your gifts ready? How about those cards that you will give to your mother and father? And those Lolo and lola's cards, have you bought them?

Darling Paper Goods is owned by a fulltime stay at home mom of a 3 year old kid. She is a beader, and crafter. She is also interested in blogging, and web page and paper designing... All the best, she is also an A+ mom.

In her site, she is selling her very own creations which are made staright from her home. She has very colorful and artistic cards like holiday cards (perfect for your tito's and tita's), birthday, business, thank you cards, and a lot more. All these are made one by one so you are rest assured that there is no design like yours. Other than that, she also has her notebook designs and photo album designs.

To make your transactions easier, you can pay through the net - just one click on your paypal account - you can directly have your order in a boom!

Visit her now.
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Your all in one site! :)

Etsy is a community and a company. It is composed of proffesionals like Engineers, Businessmen, and others. Judging from the kind of persons which compose this site, one could clearly say that this site is something BIG.

The ETSY community now is managed by more than 50 persons. The members here are counting more and more each day and are from 150 countries all over the world.

To see things in a lighter mood, Etsy is a a place where you can buy stuffs and sell too! Your products will be seen not just here in the Philippines but in the whole world. What more can you ask for? The things you can see in this site varies from bags and purses, jewelries, housewares, furniture, and a looooot more.

The site also has its own blog where you can read about the latest products. All you need, is there. So yes, its a one stop shop. An all in one site.
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Where everything is done according to how you like it!

How many hours do you spent in the mall looking for a design of pencil cases, mouse pads, etc? Quite long right? I myself has the dilemma of looking or a design that actually fits my fave color, cartoon character, etc!

But after I stumbled on this site, all my worries where gone. Customized life gives you the chance to choose between two lovely choices: 1) Pick from the their collection of designs, 2) MAKE YOUR OWN DESIGN! :) Cool isn't it?

These are currently the stuffs that they do: Watches, Clocks, Dog tags, Jigsaw puzzles, camera cases, pencil cases, mouse pads, and many more!

I usually do bloghoppin and I know a lot here are also fond of Hello kitty. So, want all your stuffs to be in this design but you have a hard time looking for it? This site solves your problems! Just submit your design and it will be done.

And worry not, because they only do stuffs with the highest quality of materials. Even the lightest material is guaranteed to be of high quality! :) They even offer discounts from time to time. So dont you ever forget to give this site a visit.
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Friday, December 11, 2009



Are you sad, lonely? Were you left by the one you love? Flanked an exam? Cheated? Sick?
Whatever negativity you feel, never fret! Cause somethings gonna make you feel
AWESOMELY ALRIGHT! :) is owned by a lovely aunt of a twin! Double the happiness :) She made this blog so she could share to the world how lucky she is to have her twins. But to spice up her home here in blogosphere even more, she decided to share the recent happenings of her life too! :)

She has written about her lovelife, her family, and ofcourse her two angels. And I can defienetely guarantee that when you browse through the pages of her site, you will really feel happy and inspired.

I have recently read her latests posts about her grandfather. His grandpa was hospitalized and unfortunately, past away... I know it hurts when someone very dear to us leaves us forever, and I know it is hard for many to cope up with this situation. In, see how the author remained strong in spite of the loss. Be inspired!

My condolences for your grandpa... May he rest in peace with God.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The extraordinary site :)

Jena Isle's Random Thoughts
Mixed thoughts about love, education, health, writing,and life.

The power of internet these days is incomparable. But we must put in our minds that not all that are published are of 100% truth. Fortunately, a number of sensible sites still exist. And you're just about to read something about one of the good sites left.

It isn't just any ordinary site....

Yes, because the author of this site writes not only for the reason of having a new post or gaining comments. Instead, she writes because she desires to inform and share her vast knowledge.

It isn't just any ordinary site....

Exactly! Because though she has lengthy posts, her readers will never get tired or bored of readin them. And it is just proven because most of her works are published in various established sites. Click here to view her works.

It isn't just any ordinary site....

Definetely! She talks about a variety of topics. Not just love, not just health, not just education and the like. Like an orange, she has extracted the juice of every category and shared only those worth sharing.

It isn't just any ordinary site....

And lastly, it isn't just any ordinary site... because it is way more than that. The author has placed effort in establishing its name; every post is well thought of; every word written is coated with of one the best fuels to make a blog work - passion and love for writing!

Happy reading! :)
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Hey guys. Have you guys tasted Halo2x? It taste delicious right?
But a Halo2x wont taste that good if it would only have ice on it; or only milk. There should be fruits - a variety of it. is like a halo2x! The author writes about anything under the sun which makes it a very interesting blog! Its topics are not limited thus it wont sound boring. Are you into it now?

If you try to browse her site, you would find that she has written about weddings, and fashion, and even wholesale shopping! Wow, that would surely keep you updated on where you could buy stuffs for less right?

For the ladies fond of cosmetics, her posts about it rocks! So you must visit her... And if you're into money making, do not fret, because she herself is fond of joining contest. If she joins, you will know. So take a full swing to her lovely NOW! :)

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answered prayer

Finally, we were one again.

My family used to fight over some personal things for years.
And everytime one would hear rumors about the other, the feud is fueled even more.
After some time, it has always been my prayer to have ONE BIG happy family again.

And yes, this year, my prayers have been answered.


I am joining a contest!
These are the prizes and its sponsors. :)

1st Prize
1 Year Free Web Hosting (worth $10) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
1 Year dot com Domain chosen by the winner – Trends Zone
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2nd Prize
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125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR1) – Yam’s File
125×125 ad space for 1 month – Travelin’ With Marie

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

curious minds

Curious Minds

Just by staring at the blog title, you would immediately get the thought that this blog is worth visiting... And if you are, then you are not wrong!

This blog talks mainly on four things: Trivia, Science and Technology, History, and Health.
Basing on the category, it could be concluded that indeed, this site rocks and is full of information - info overload.

And for those who thinks this blog is like one of those who talks and talks, well hold back! Cause the author screens his topics thoroughly. And that is why, I can guarantee that he has must read posts.

The Science and Technology for example, talks about the lastest gadgets available in the internet like the popular Wyler Watches. In the history, it talks about important people and events that could help us grow as bloggers and as person.

And unlike other blogs, he shares his opinion fairly. Come and visit him now!

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Mike Mamaril

Mike Mamaril

Warning: Interesting facts overload

When I first stumbled on his site, I said... "eeehk, this is like those of the other sites"...
But when I started readin his posts... I had to add "Oh wait. Its like the other sites, only, it is filled with loads and loads of posts that will surprise you."

A self titled blog, and maybe because he is guy, Mike, a web developer, writes mostly about the recent gadgets that he is becoming fond of. If you are also a gadget addict, then it is a must for you to visit this site. He is updated with the latest gadgies, and in fact, he had bought stuffs like PS3 (his third unit!), a Corsair H50 cooler, and a lot more. You can just imagine how addicted he is right? :)

More than that, he also writes health related posts. He writes stuffs about excersing, and the like.

AND HERE's the SURPRISING THING: He writes poems!!! Wow. Not all guys can do that right? And not all guys have the courage to share their poems? He sure is one of a kind - and so is his blog. Check it out now!! :)

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Home Buddies

Heya guys. Can I ask you something? How addicted are you to blogging?

Fedhz, the author of this site's nick, is like most of us here in blogosphere. Upon readin her blog, i know she is one of those who feels incomplete when she can't blog hop and all. :)

To give you a quick background, Home Buddies was named by her hubby, Mike. Supposedly, it should be a niche blog but she instead decide to make it her personal home in blog world.

Fedhz is fond of writing very interesting stuffs. For those who are fond of readin health related topics, you must view her site. She writes about food and exercise, and a lot more. Though a mom already of a very cute and makulit little girl, she still manages to have that wow figure. How she does it? check her out and find out how.

Aside from that, she also loves to share of tales about parenthood. How a mommy like her takes care of a hyper baby... She shares her bonding momments thru her blog. When you start readin her posts, you'll soon say... "aww. her baby is so cute and her parenthood is so nice it makes wanna have a baby too!" :)

Our sassy author also does reviews for gadgets and a lot more. And for those who are fond of joining contests and giveaways, her place is just what's right for you. Its a full package!

go and visit her now. :)

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


my little dolly princess story

First, I must say there is bias when I wrote for this blog. Why? Its because the author is a pinkaholic like me. :)

Anyway, besides the cute pink layie that the author has, she has filled her blog with lots and lots of interesting stories too.

Azumi, is a site specially made for Azumi, her baby princess. When you get to visit her blog, you will be updated of the recent happenings of her children's life. She has been sharing all the good stuff and developments of her children especially her baby girl.

I want to share with you a topic that she has written: it is about the talents that her baby has. You'll be inspired to see how she cares for her youngest angel. How she develop the talents that her baby has shown like drawing.

Indeed, mommys are the best employees because they take no time out /no day off. and yes, when you read her blog, you can definitely say that she is the best mommy her children could have. It shows there. Now if you wanna be the best like her? Go and visit her now.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

live life to the fullest anniv contest

Since Levy and her hubby will be celebrating thier anniversary... She decided to have a contest...

To quote her:

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary this coming December 12, 2009. For that, we wanted to celebrate it with all of you, that's why we have decided to throw a very quick and simple contest that will only last for 12 days. (Starting December 3 until December 15, 2009).

ince Christmas is just around the corner, we are thinking of giving away (2) Gift Certificates of your choice worth P500 (any stores that sell GC, name it and we will deliver it to you). Of course, these Gift Certificates are applicable for people in Metro Manila only, if you live in the provinces or abroad we will give you $10 through your paypal account instead.

1. Guess the answer to this question: Since it is our anniversary, what is our theme song? (5 points)

2. Follow this site. (1 point) via google connect or rss reader
3. Post this contest to your site (1 point)
4. Share it with your friends. ( 1 point each site) via any social network - digg, stumble, twitter...

To those who have entered this contest I will raffle your names and I will take a video of it and let my son pick up 2 lucky winners. It's that simple isn't it?

Also don't forget to state here on this post the task that you have done and please include your email address so that we could contact you in case you have won. Winners will be announced either on Dec. 18 or Dec.19

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a woman remembers

A Woman Remembers

Life has its ups and downs. And though we treasure most those ups, we must never forget those times when we almost gave up...

This site is owned by a woman. She has been featured in woman magazine may 2009 issue. Aside from hitting the press, this working mom has also hit TV! She has been in Nido's ad. Quite famous right?

Well our author is also in the blogging world. She has been writing her experiences as she venture her journey in life. She has recently written about her successful 30th birthday party.

And for those who needs parenting views, it is GREATLY RECOMMENDED that you visit this site. Her opinions regarding parenting has been on magazines. But why pay for magazine's when you can get it all for free in her blog right?

All your needs about your family will be answered if you read her blog. Or, you can simply ask her how she does it!

Unlike other sites, she presents her thoughts in a very neat manner. She even shares her thoughts on techies like her new laptop. So what are you waiting for? Visit her site now! :)

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

big love


If you visit this site, you'll probably get loads of big love from the topics she has decided on writing.

Wrting ramdonly, big love has a lot of interesting topics to share to all of you. It has recently written about twitter hawk that could help you earn money! :) The author also shares topics that are very interesting about her personal life. I have read the one about her dog which makes her feel sad if it is sad... Quite a good story right?

The active author of the site also writes about her craving of food and her favorite movies like the time traveler's wife. Amazing... And when you want to talk about topics regarding love, she has it too! Calling her partner as "bubba", the writer shares her sweetest moments to the world through this blog. You should really take time to visit this site. It will not only give you a good feeling, but you will know the persona behind the writer. :)

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living life to the fullest

Do you know the saying, "mothers know best?"... Living life to the fullest is owned by a devoted mom of a cute two year old boy.

Levy, the author of the site... writes about random things... like funny pictures of words misspelled. If you also want some beauty tips, you can find it in her blog. She also talks about techie things like Canon EOS &D...

Though busy with her son, she never forgets to write about movies and some important personalities like GMA, our pride, MAnny Pacman Pacqiao, PBB houesmates, and survivors. The site is up to date to the "IN" thing of today - that's a guarantee.

Like other moms, the author also writes posts about recipes. Since we Filipinos are fond of eating, it is a must for moms to know how to cook.

And of course, what is more special to write about than her very own son? He is so cute. You got to check it out. Since she writes randomly, you will never ever get tired of reading her posts.

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Pinay mom

Pinay Mom : Smartest Mom in Town

When you hear Pinay Mom, you have then thought that it is a personal blog right? Like those of mothers in blogosphere? But hey! It is not a personal blog... The owners of this loving site is composed of mothers from all parts of the globe. They also include single moms and dads who acts as the mother and father of their family.

The site offers tips that moms can use in her daily lives like shopping for baby dresses and the like. Not just that! It offers moms the info on how to stay beautiful and sexy even on the maturity age! So mommys... It's a must to visit this site.

It is best for you, for your dear babies, and for your partners too! Because you can also find sensible information in its marriage section.

So before you hush because the mommy thing is not going on the right way. STOP! Help is just a click away... Visit Pinay Mom's site now.

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the ad master


Making money online has been a trend this days. Right guys? I myself have been doing it since the other month. Anyway, I want to introduce to you a new found site of mine.

THE AD MASTER. This four layered site gives you the latest of advertising. You can also advertise in the said site for as low as $15 for 1 week or as low as $240 for 365 days or one whole year! Affordable isn’t it? And it is guaranteed that you're site will be visited by its followers. If so, your traffic will surely increase! That is just amazing right?

Just lately, the author of the said site has written interesting topics! One of those is her opinion on a popular networking site called twitter. She has also written blogging tips which is surely useful to all interested bloggers.


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BHO's contest

Heya guys! I just joined my first web contest! Hope you will support me...

BHO Contest

First Prize: $50
$25 -
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Customized Products Worth $60 from: Alex of
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New 3-Column Layout from: Blogger Sai
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Second Prize: $25
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$5 -

Pair of Earrings from
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Third Prize: $20
$5 -
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$5 - Health and Beauty Diva
$5 -

Pair of Earrings from
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Entrecard Credits (ECs): 20 500 ECs
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Best Reviewer: $35 (Most Points Get it All)
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Entrecard Credits (ECs): 16 000 ECs
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And a GRAND package from Pinay Mommy Online:
Info Domain + 1YR Hosting - Pinay Mommies Community
2000 EC + 1-month AD SPACE (125X125) per blog:
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The Movie Mommy
The Digital Post
Photo Memeries
Micah Izabel
Johann David
Bella Grace
SEO Friendly Blog Directory
Online Biz and Resources
A Woman's Blog
Rubz Online
Mommy Emotes
Blessings and Beyond
Friendship and Smiles

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Heya! Its been a while guys, right? :) Did anybody miss me? Well I took an exam in an application in facebook a while ago... I said... "Just so I wont be bored anymore!" Walah! And that was the result! Certainly, it woke me up. haha!

Have you ever felt that your heart was crushed only because you know that the one you love is in love with someone else? If you have, I pity you. I have been in that situation, and it sucks muchoooo! Its like you want to hug him but you cant.. you want to take care of him only to know that he is well cared of by someone else! Phew...

No matter how much you are hurt, the reality is,



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