Saturday, December 5, 2009

big love


If you visit this site, you'll probably get loads of big love from the topics she has decided on writing.

Wrting ramdonly, big love has a lot of interesting topics to share to all of you. It has recently written about twitter hawk that could help you earn money! :) The author also shares topics that are very interesting about her personal life. I have read the one about her dog which makes her feel sad if it is sad... Quite a good story right?

The active author of the site also writes about her craving of food and her favorite movies like the time traveler's wife. Amazing... And when you want to talk about topics regarding love, she has it too! Calling her partner as "bubba", the writer shares her sweetest moments to the world through this blog. You should really take time to visit this site. It will not only give you a good feeling, but you will know the persona behind the writer. :)

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