Friday, December 11, 2009



Are you sad, lonely? Were you left by the one you love? Flanked an exam? Cheated? Sick?
Whatever negativity you feel, never fret! Cause somethings gonna make you feel
AWESOMELY ALRIGHT! :) is owned by a lovely aunt of a twin! Double the happiness :) She made this blog so she could share to the world how lucky she is to have her twins. But to spice up her home here in blogosphere even more, she decided to share the recent happenings of her life too! :)

She has written about her lovelife, her family, and ofcourse her two angels. And I can defienetely guarantee that when you browse through the pages of her site, you will really feel happy and inspired.

I have recently read her latests posts about her grandfather. His grandpa was hospitalized and unfortunately, past away... I know it hurts when someone very dear to us leaves us forever, and I know it is hard for many to cope up with this situation. In, see how the author remained strong in spite of the loss. Be inspired!

My condolences for your grandpa... May he rest in peace with God.

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