Sunday, December 6, 2009

a woman remembers

A Woman Remembers

Life has its ups and downs. And though we treasure most those ups, we must never forget those times when we almost gave up...

This site is owned by a woman. She has been featured in woman magazine may 2009 issue. Aside from hitting the press, this working mom has also hit TV! She has been in Nido's ad. Quite famous right?

Well our author is also in the blogging world. She has been writing her experiences as she venture her journey in life. She has recently written about her successful 30th birthday party.

And for those who needs parenting views, it is GREATLY RECOMMENDED that you visit this site. Her opinions regarding parenting has been on magazines. But why pay for magazine's when you can get it all for free in her blog right?

All your needs about your family will be answered if you read her blog. Or, you can simply ask her how she does it!

Unlike other sites, she presents her thoughts in a very neat manner. She even shares her thoughts on techies like her new laptop. So what are you waiting for? Visit her site now! :)

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