Saturday, December 12, 2009



Your all in one site! :)

Etsy is a community and a company. It is composed of proffesionals like Engineers, Businessmen, and others. Judging from the kind of persons which compose this site, one could clearly say that this site is something BIG.

The ETSY community now is managed by more than 50 persons. The members here are counting more and more each day and are from 150 countries all over the world.

To see things in a lighter mood, Etsy is a a place where you can buy stuffs and sell too! Your products will be seen not just here in the Philippines but in the whole world. What more can you ask for? The things you can see in this site varies from bags and purses, jewelries, housewares, furniture, and a looooot more.

The site also has its own blog where you can read about the latest products. All you need, is there. So yes, its a one stop shop. An all in one site.

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