Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home Buddies

Heya guys. Can I ask you something? How addicted are you to blogging?

Fedhz, the author of this site's nick, is like most of us here in blogosphere. Upon readin her blog, i know she is one of those who feels incomplete when she can't blog hop and all. :)

To give you a quick background, Home Buddies was named by her hubby, Mike. Supposedly, it should be a niche blog but she instead decide to make it her personal home in blog world.

Fedhz is fond of writing very interesting stuffs. For those who are fond of readin health related topics, you must view her site. She writes about food and exercise, and a lot more. Though a mom already of a very cute and makulit little girl, she still manages to have that wow figure. How she does it? check her out and find out how.

Aside from that, she also loves to share of tales about parenthood. How a mommy like her takes care of a hyper baby... She shares her bonding momments thru her blog. When you start readin her posts, you'll soon say... "aww. her baby is so cute and her parenthood is so nice it makes wanna have a baby too!" :)

Our sassy author also does reviews for gadgets and a lot more. And for those who are fond of joining contests and giveaways, her place is just what's right for you. Its a full package!

go and visit her now. :)

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