Monday, December 14, 2009



I always tell my self, when I get married, I'll still be writing... And I'll still look good.

Jade, the owner of the said site, just made a perfect fit of who I wanna be in the near future!
Here are the fast facts about our dear Jade: She is a pure Filipino but is married to a dutchman. This is perfect because she will be able to share the culture of her husband to us, her avid readers! She named her site as such, because they wanted to have a baby.

When you start scrolling between the pages of her site, you will definitely enjoy. She does not only gives fun, but she makes sure that her every post had a lesson - which is one reason why this site will surely leave a mark in your hearts. A total knockdown story I have read from her is about PMS. To find it... Click here.

Aside from funny stories, she also writes about a lil bit of everything. Celeb goosips are present in her site. Others are about body shaping, environments, and events such as holiday season and a lot more. Visit her site now and get ready to be entertained! :)

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