Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey guys! How's you're weekend? I was out for our korean party. And i tell you, it was a blast! We dressed up like koreans and we also dyed our hair. I know you wanna see snapshots - but i havent uploaded it yet so i guess you will have to wait for sometime. :)

maybe tomorrow, ill be sharing it.

The additional offender groans.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

sure investment!

Heya! I was given a money by my brother again. He said I should invest it to something so it would not go wasted. Since I think Gold is best investment because its value continues to be higher everyday, I chose to do business with Gold Coins Gain, an aurum advisers website.

They assist investors like me who choose to invest on Gold. They make sure your Gold is delivered to you safely. Plus, they also make sure that the Gold you receive is approved and thoroughly inspected by a grading system. Their well experienced people makes sure that you your metal is worth recieving.

So why not join me? And your investment is assured!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

happy goodbyes! :)

(@kua no's farewell party. Yey I cried but cute parin nuh? *_*)

I took this pic because I was planning to add this for my goodbye to kua noriel. Unfortunately, I would have to write not only for one, but for two very special persons in my life.

And unlike all the other posts of goodbyes and all, I would like to say that I'M HAPPY.

Im happy for you Kua No because I know you badly wanted this job.
Im happy because I know you deserve what you have now.
Im happy because I know your parents are proud of you.
Im happy because I know a good future lies ahead of you.

Kua No, im missing you na. I miss hanging out with you... eating with you at out fave hub - windys- wherein you will treat me. bleh :p I miss walking with you in freedom; talking not knowing its been four hours already and its 2am in the morning. I miss going to your boarding house so I could eat pancit canton for free! I miss sleepin there too so I could use your tap2 (laptop)! lols I miss watching movies with you (open na unta ang rob here! hmp)... I miss barhopping with you, to whom will I dance with na? Joel? haha, eeerk. I miss you na! :(

I'll go there sa Bacolod and you'll treat me huh? And my christmas gift huh? :p Love you. Take Care Kua no!

Im happy for you Ate Yanz because you have shown to us that you are really responsible.
Im happy because I know you're strong, and you can handle things.
Im happy because you will be in a new world and for sure you will meet new friends!
And...Im happy because you chose the right thing to do. I would have been shaken if that would happen to me - but you, you stayed strong and responsible - just the way you are!

I'll miss you Ate Yanz. I'll miss it when we start to tease Caroline, when we try to make her life miserable. I'll miss it when you become childish cause you're so cute when you're like that. I'll miss it when you compare yourself to me - I then feel so fat! :) I'll miss it when you sing........nevermind. hahahaha I'll miss it when you scold us - me - then our knees start to shake. I'll miss it when you we stay overnight, and we dont sleep at all! I'll miss it when you say "magstrip tease ko" hahaha. I coudn't imagine you doing that. :p And i'll miss it when we think of carazy ideas like work at boulevard. lol I'll miss you te yanz! Love you!

here are some of our pics! :)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new palace :)

Hurray! My other palace has officially opened its gates for new friends!
I hope you could take time to visit it...
Drop some comments, ayt? :)
And leave some love.

Thanks! :)

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wow TV!

(image is from google)

Since I am really fond of movies, I spend most of my leisure time scrolling through different movie channels! Now if you're as fond as me, I know that you also hope to have Direct TV that offers the best and most channels in High Definition like HBO HD, Cinemax HD, Sports HD, and many more! WOW!

Do you know that if you switch to DirectTV , ALL your TV channels have the best digital quality not just in its picture but also its sounds? Plus, your local channels will be in HD too unlike those using cable TVs! Amazing right? No wonder more and more people switch to Directv every minute...

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