Wednesday, September 30, 2009

strange purple dream♥

I got this from facebook by the way. I know the dreams referred by that is our ambitions but Id like to take this opportunity to storytell you about my dream last night.. It all started when I heard about this disease new in our school. Maybe i was so into our editing and research about STD that made me dream that I had such. But please, hush...My dream had its new version, its not transmitted through sexual activities... Instead, if I gain weight... ill have STD.... then the ill effect is that I will turn purpleeee. Yes purple! So that's it... I had STD, and I got it through gaining weight... and I turned purple!

I dont really understand it, but i guess it just means one thing:

Ill have to diet! SUPER.

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im inlove with her web template.♥

After doin bloghoppin last night, I stumbled into a cute pretty pinky site...
and i instantly fell in
love with the designer's web templates...
too bad they're for SALE. and i just cant afford $20..
Ms. Anne, can you please make it a lil cheaper, prettyyyy please?

i hope you would...♥

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

please pray...

...even after more than 75 have died or missing
...even after millions have lost homes
...even after millions were left with no food and dry clothes
...even after millions of belongings were damaged
...even after millions were stranded
...even after millions of lives were put at stake

THAT somebody still had the guts to say those words.
Ms. Jacque, do you have a heart?

[True or not, she didn't have the right to say those things, nobody does.]

♥♥here are other photos of what ondoy did♥♥

so together, let us...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


Have you tried fooling someone? I have, and it wasn't that nice at all. So, I prefer not to do it again. Have you been fooled? I have, and it doesn't feel any good either, the feeling is worse.

It hurts to know that people with NO HEART, with NO CONCERN FOR OTHERS, and people who choose to live well AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS...ACTUALLY EXIST!

To you who perfectly fit the descriptions above:

I hate you! How could you do such thing to my mother, or to me?! You're no less than a murderer!!! I wont be a hypocrite so I'd say this too...I hope you'd die and be in hell! I hope you rot there too! If not, I hope your life here in earth would be as miserable as the ones there cause that is what you deserve! Die! Die! Die! Live and live as wretched as possible, then die!

To you again:

Thanks for the lesson, asshole! You'd surely love the bad karma... and i pity you, cause for sure its double! Again, Live and live as wretched as possible, then die!

PS: (totally out of topic) haha :DD

"Dahil minahal mo ako Lahat ay gagawin para sayo Huhulihin ko ang buwan Pipigilin ang ulan... Dahil minahal mo ako Isisigaw ko sa buong mundo Laging iingatan ang pag-ibig mo... Dahil minahal mo ako..."

[Lyrics of Sarah Geronimo's "Dahil minahal mo ako"...]

Gosh! haha... I so love the meaning of the song. Geezzz. :DD So inspiring, a total theme song material! :DD Thanks to the composer, and to Sarah too. :DD

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

matsalam! :)

After watching that 6 minute video at ate bloom's page (please watch it, you would not exchange that little time for anything!), I couldn't help but cry. :(

Yes. It’s so sad to realize that some out there, are only given months to live but they are still thankful for they have lived.

I have had 18 birthday celebrations now.
I have had more than 6, 750 days wherein I was able to breathe fresh air; I have been able to see green mountains and was able to meet new friends.
I also have had more 157, 680 hours to be able to sleep well, go to school, party with chums.
More than 9, 460, 000 minutes to hug my family, to tell them I love them and I care for them so much.
Most of all, I have had more than 567,648,000 seconds to thank the Lord that I have these chances.

But, of that number of chances, how many seconds did I allot to thank Him? Not even 10%. So, let me take this opportunity to thank you Lord...

*thanks for giving me the chance to celebrate my birthday, though I don't have the extravagant parties, at least my mom, sis, and brother are with me.
*thanks for the fresh air, and all the greens... I am in good health Lord. Thanks!
*thanks for the sleep time...
*thanks for my friends... charlot, kuya J, ate aian, kua mavs, nads, kua no, Caroline, Joel, Dora, Lezh, newbies... and newer newbies? Aw? Thanks for the friendship. I love you guys...
*thanks Mom, for cooking me food, for washing my clothes, for caring for me so much... for loving me. Thanks Abby for making me laugh always... and thanks kuya for the guidance and love.
*and thank you Lord, for giving all of them to me.

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