Sunday, September 27, 2009

please pray...

...even after more than 75 have died or missing
...even after millions have lost homes
...even after millions were left with no food and dry clothes
...even after millions of belongings were damaged
...even after millions were stranded
...even after millions of lives were put at stake

THAT somebody still had the guts to say those words.
Ms. Jacque, do you have a heart?

[True or not, she didn't have the right to say those things, nobody does.]

♥♥here are other photos of what ondoy did♥♥

so together, let us...


  1. HARSH kau sya marg uy!

    thank God, wah na abot dri Visayas,

  2. wasn't able to comment in FB because I was in a hurry last night...

    well, that woman is so insensitive to say that those people who were affected by the typhoon deserves it. So sad that people like her exists.

    I can't say that I know how the victims felt because I've been in that situation but I think you don't need to experience a flood to know how devastating it can be.

    Sana lang wala siyang pamilyang naanod. Sana lang wala siyang mga kaibigan at kamag-anak na nawalan ng tahanan. At kung meron man, then I say...she deserves it!

  3. @dora: right! wala nakot ma say.. God nalang manubag nia..

    and yes, we should be thankful na rain ra atoa.

  4. @aian: thanks for droppin by te.

    bitaw... even though it might be true that they had lots and lots of sins, but she didnt have the right to say those words.

    hope she would say sorry.


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