Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who's to blame? (Willie allows a child to macho dance!)

The video above shows the incident wherein TV5, one of the biggest television networks in the Philippines, allows a six-year old child to do a "macho dance" in one of their shows, Willing-Willie hosted by ill-famed Willie Revillame. Furthermore, the host made the poor child repeat the dance a couple of times.

There are a lot of debates going on as to who was to blame for the incident. Here are my two cents:
TV5, I know for sure that you had a screening and a run-through of the show so why would you allow this? Why would you allow a child to do such a demeaning act?
Willie, instead of stopping the child, you made fun out of him instead. Didn't you find it somewhat, wrong to watch that you even made the child go to the stage and repeat the deed once more? That you even had the guts to throw jokes about him?
Parent, what the hell was in your mind? There are a lot of other talents to choose from but why that? WHY A MACHO DANCER? Teaching your child to dance that way is really sick and disturbing.
Seeing this, I felt sorry for the child. I'm not the right place to judge but please allow me to do so. 
TV5, I never knew you could be as unprofessional as this. I never knew that you would let this act happen just to gain more viewers. 
Willie, you said you've changed, but you didn't, you never did. You're tactless and stupid. Calling you the S word a million times would not equate to the amount of damage you did not just to the child but to the image of our country as well. Had it been you child, would you act the same way? I guess not.
I don't know what's in your mind that you can bear making jokes out of that. The first seconds of watching the video was unbearable, yet you, you made fun out of it. You're worst than corrupt officials.
Speaking of corrupt officials, a lot say that this is all your fault. Had you not corrupted, Filipinos would not have been that desperate to earn money.
It's sad that this kind of things happen. What's even sadder is that some Filipinos actually find the show entertaining. Nonetheless, I hope the persons involved will proper sanctions just to their actions. 
See Movie and Television Review and Classification Board’s briefer on the issue! Also, please write a comment on the post if you support MTRCB's action.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

PASS your ODESK readiness exam in minutes! (answers given)

I have been a freelancer at oDesk for years now. And I have already earned a lot from this. However, for beginners, one must take the oDesk Readiness exam to be able to apply to more jobs. I took this test three times until I passed. Then I realized after taking the third time, that the exam was supposedly so easy! ;-) 
So now, I am sharing with you the answers and the trick to pass the exam! 

Step 1: Login your oDesk account. Then click on My Contractor Profile.
Step 2: Click the oDesk Readiness Test.
Step 3: You will be taken to introduction page of oDesk Readiness Exam. And click on Ready to take the test.
Step 5: Click Start Test.
Step 6: Then Click here to start test.
Step 7: Here are your questions:
***Remember that the questions only vary in order each time you take. So read this post until the last word to know the trick!***

Question 1: How does feedback work on oDesk?
Ans:  All of the above

Question 2: What do you need to do to ensure guaranteed payment on hourly jobs?
Ans:  All of the above. 

Question 3: How does oDesk’s dispute resolution policy for work?
Ans:  All of the above.

Question 4: Which of the following is true of your oDesk Work Diary?
Answer:  All of the above

Question 5: Which of the following break the oDesk user agreement?
Answer:  All of the above.

Question 6: Employers set weekly limits on hourly contracts, how do these works?
Ans:  All of the above.

Question 7: Which of the following statements about the oDesk Team application are true?
Answer:  All of the above.

Question 8: Which of the following are NOT allowed when applying to job posting?
Ans:  All of the above.
Question 9: If you have not done so please download and install the oDesk Team application. With the client running right click on the oDesk Team icon in the system tray (or doc for Mac users). Which of the following options is listed first? Note that you do NOT have to log into any actual Team Room to answer this question.
Answer:  TeamRoom.

Question 10: Which of the following statements are correct about oDesk fees?
Ans:  All of the above.
Question 11:  Can I start my own agency on oDesk?
Ans:  Yes.

 Here are some of my earnings from the site:

And another one:

If you can see, that's on the same date! If you wish to have tips, just comment below!
Happy earning! 
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another round of laughters

Dear Twilight fans,

Please realize that because vampires are dead and have no blood pumping through them, they can never get an erection. Enjoy fantasizing about that.

Sincerely, Logic

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

I'm sorry your fans are so obnoxious. Try using less glitter.

Sincerely, J.K. Rowling

Dear Icebergs, 
Sorry to hear about the global warming. Karma's a bitch.

Sincerely, The Titanic

Dear Mom, 
Im 17 now, can I PLEASE get a bra? 
Sincerely, your son, Justin B

Dear person reading this, 
You're here because you're actively procrastinating or avoiding real work, aren't you? It's OK...me too.

Sincerely, I'll work tomorrow

Dear Yahoo, 
I've never heard anyone say, "I don't know, let's Yahoo! it..." just saying... 

Dear Dora, 
You're bilingual at age 4, and you seriously can't see the damn orange tree?! 
Sincerely, It's right there

Dear Voldemort, 
So they screwed up your nose too? 
Sincerely, Michael Jackson

Dear Math, 
Please grow up and solve your own damn problems. I don't have time for yours AND mine. 
Sincerely, Screw the Value of X

Haha! Hope you enjoyed ^_^
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