Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a happy and colorful life! xD

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Mary is happy!
though she has problems...

though others hurt her...

though she sometimes feel alone...

though some of her friends left her...

though she always cry...

Mary is happy!

cause she have YOU by her side...
thanks for being there. xD

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happy mommys day! xD

You're the best mom I have ever known.

Since this post is for her, i would like all of you to know
MARISSA NARVASA, my mom. The best mom in the world!

[baby mommy xD]

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but
whose place no one else can take."
-- Cardinal Mermillod

[baby mommy xD]

A mother is a person who seeing there are
only four pieces of pie for five people,
promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

[mom, santacruzan]

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. ~Marion C. Garretty

[dalaga years]

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. ~William Makepeace Thackeray

[now, at her 50's...]

I wish you could read this. Ma, I'm sorry for being a brat sometimes, for giving you headaches and all. I want to thank you for loving me, for caring for me so much... Thanks for being there when i need you, for the guidance and for being understanding.Thanks for laughin at my jokes and for doin everything you can to provide me with my needs. And if there's one thing that I am really lucky for havin, its you. I love you ma! promise. xD

visit my facebook account for more pics!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am a liar, no less than a robber trying to defend and excuse himself from an act he was judged on. Though I did not steal anything, still I consider myself in the same category as he is...

Small lie, big lie... for me it’s the same. Whether what kind, though how small it is, it will always cause pain to those affected by it... And no matter how we try to hide it will always be exposed in the end...

Last week, I had mixed emotions... I didnt know if I would be happy for he was brave enough to tell me every detail of what happened or if ill be dreadfully sad for i finally proved that for how many years, he has been lying to me.

He lied. And that was the bottom line of the story. They told me to cast him away immediately but i did not... I opted to forgive and forget. And beacuse of the act I did, many eyebrows raised and many back fights have been made.

But here's what I want to impart to those who thought i was being unfair to my judgement. I, you, we are all sinners. It just so happened that we did different things but still, we are the same. If we commit something wrong, we will always want to be forgiven. We would wish to be freed from the burden we are carrying.

And that's what i did... I forgived. Just like what our parents did when we were caught asking an amount as payment for an imaginary project; just like what our teacher did when we were caught peekin on our seatmate’s test paper; just like what HE did when we disobeyed his commandments. ...just like what HE did when you lied.

So what do you think? I did i wrong move? I guess not. Think again, and this time, think unselfishly.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

insomia! :)

Its 5:03 on my clock now and I am the only one left with eyes open. bong and mavs are both sleeping and snoring at the moment (peace!)

The 4 pcs are on and I am using the layout pc. The newly made paintings are on the table including the sensational painting of mavs... My cp is on my side, bearing 1 txt message from tj... My bed is ready, a foam and blanket is waiting for me but my mind refuses to make me fall asleep.

I checked my FS account, with 43 view as of April1, 09 which actually made me happy because my crush viewed me, also have a few comments and 2 messages, 1 from a guy inviting me out which I immediately declined. I also viewed my facebook account, was tagged by joel which slightly was not great.

I am now pissed off because I checked my supposedly PLURK account, but then I just knew now that it was hacked. Damn! I worked hard to gain that karma and this is what I get! hai...

Am I going to sleep or not? Hmmm... Ill extend a few more minutes....

I remembered, this is my last night in TN this week for I will go home later this evening. Tomorrow, I will attend the procession in our town... Glory thy Lord! Then on sat, my relative will be celebrating her birthday and I just can’t miss it because for sure the food is great... And lastly, on Sunday, my family and I will have a beach party!

So, bubye my fellow bloggers... I’ll miss ya all...

God Bless everyone!

PS: thanks renren for letting me borrow your hundred bucks worth shades yesterday... Cause of that, i have a new pic! kai? :)

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