Thursday, April 9, 2009

insomia! :)

Its 5:03 on my clock now and I am the only one left with eyes open. bong and mavs are both sleeping and snoring at the moment (peace!)

The 4 pcs are on and I am using the layout pc. The newly made paintings are on the table including the sensational painting of mavs... My cp is on my side, bearing 1 txt message from tj... My bed is ready, a foam and blanket is waiting for me but my mind refuses to make me fall asleep.

I checked my FS account, with 43 view as of April1, 09 which actually made me happy because my crush viewed me, also have a few comments and 2 messages, 1 from a guy inviting me out which I immediately declined. I also viewed my facebook account, was tagged by joel which slightly was not great.

I am now pissed off because I checked my supposedly PLURK account, but then I just knew now that it was hacked. Damn! I worked hard to gain that karma and this is what I get! hai...

Am I going to sleep or not? Hmmm... Ill extend a few more minutes....

I remembered, this is my last night in TN this week for I will go home later this evening. Tomorrow, I will attend the procession in our town... Glory thy Lord! Then on sat, my relative will be celebrating her birthday and I just can’t miss it because for sure the food is great... And lastly, on Sunday, my family and I will have a beach party!

So, bubye my fellow bloggers... I’ll miss ya all...

God Bless everyone!

PS: thanks renren for letting me borrow your hundred bucks worth shades yesterday... Cause of that, i have a new pic! kai? :)


  1. hello princess marga....hope you always have a great time there....ingat palagi and Happy Easter


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