Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Be the most fabulous version of yourself without spending too much with SAVE22!

Rock the society by being the most fabulous version of yourself without spending too much!

Wanna know a secret? No matter how gorg you already are now, you can still look and feel even better! This is one of the things I learned through the years. The key is to know what to buy, where to shop, and when to spend your precious funds! That it why it is a top priority to check online for promotions and sale events before hitting the mall!

Before, I did not see the value of research. I thought that if I have the money, I would have everything that I need to shop new items and be more fabulous! However, I realized that had I known there was a sale the following day, I would have waited so I could save and buy even more dresses and shoes!

Facebook was my main source for promos and sale before. I made sure I was a fan of all the stores that I loved - boutiques, furniture, gadget stores! I found it useful when my favorite haven for new beauty items announces a sale online. Also, I frequently visit tech blogs since they usually post some sale announcements after their gadget reviews.

I also spend so many hours visiting the sites of the most awesome people on earth (Bloggers! LOL. Visit my other site?) to get an update if they are excited for some promotions as well. Fashion bloggers, especially those famous ones, usually get an inside scoop when there are sale events. If only I was a little more sexier than I already am (Haha. Laughing to myself), I would do fashion posts too. Unfortunately, my waistline is not cooperating! Lol

But I guess I just found my partner in life! 

Save22 is... how do I say this? *drum roll please* ...the brightest of them all! It is the queen, the bomb, the most high! (I'm running out of superlatives but I know you know what I mean! *wink)

The site offers really comprehensive deals about sale info, pricing, and promotions. And what makes Site22 stand out? It is updated DA-HAY-LEE, sisters! Yes, DAILY. 

Imagine not having to wait for fan pages and bloggers to post! Imagine having to know the grandest packages on your most convenient time! Imagine the amount of time, money, and effort saved! 

NOW STOP IMAGINING AND DO SOMETHING! I encourage and DARE you all to be a better version of your already-awesome-self. Know what, where, and when to shop and get the most updated information of leading Filipino retailers’ promotions and catalogs by visiting Save22 before you go shopping offline. Do it and do it now!

Cheers to a fabulous and thrifty life!

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