Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get the best insurance!

An emergency just happened and you need to bring your relative to a hospital only to know that there are certain loop holes in his health insurance. You end up disappointed because you have to pay the whole thing!

Did this ever happen to you? To my mom, yes it has happened in a time we needed the insurance the most. I was so frustrated at that time because she had to pay more than three-fourths of the bill when supposedly her health insurance will cover the expenses. The incident disgusted me that I told her to find another health insurance. I searched the internet and found an interesting
health insurance leads.

I found out that they
are largest provider of health insurance leads in the U.S. They also have highly trained staff that will find the best leads of health insurance for you. They also get some information from their customers so the latter can be assured that the health insurance lead they give their customers match them best.

Aside from that, they do not give those annoying incentives, prizes, and gifts which of course I know, are hidden agendas. They also make sure that they validate the ideas they give to their customers.

And most of all, they are so affordable! Yes! We have actually saved a lot because of them. No more trial and error with some of the health insurances because they have already done the job for us.

Now we have the best health insurance. I never regretted having searched the site!

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Lately, I have been thinking of redesigning my pad. I have bought stuffs that would surely make my place look more homey. But then I realized that I missed out on one very important thing - Trade Show Flooring.

I want to put up diamond tiles for my bathroom and trade show carpet (soft carpet) for my study room. This way, I will surely be comfortable. The design is nice right? For my bedroom, I opt to use Custom Logo Floor mats so that I can showcase my likes such as superscrape logo and classic impressions.

And oh, before I forget... My friends are coming over. And since my little garden do not have any canope, I though of having logo canopies cause I know they are durable plus I can have a cute design on them. Do you think its a good idea? I'm sure it is.
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Hi guys! I won a bunch of things at BHO's first contest... And its hard to contact all the sponsors so I made this post.

To ate LIZ: Thanks for having such a wonderful contest! Waaaah :) Its the biggest contest I have ever joined. Thanks sooooo much!

To the sponsors: Please contact me at I dont know how to contact you so I could start claiming my prizes... I cannot also trace who gave me the entrecard credits... So please contact me for clarifications... Thank you!! :)

To my fellow winners: COngrats!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pink giveaway

All you desire is having a giveaway and I'm joining. These are the prizes at stake:

Wow Right? How to join? See the details here.
Wish me luck everyone. :)
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Monday, January 18, 2010

I won a starbucks planner @ mavers! :)

I won! I won! Yes, again. :) Whew. Well to tell you honestly, I joined this contest last minute. It was a good thing maver tagged me to join. Since he just turned 36, the winner from is the one on that number. And guess who is assigned in number 36? ME!!!!!!!! hahah :)

So yes. I will soon have a cherry SB planner courtesy of Maver. Here is how I learned that I won. (THIS REALLY MADE MY DAY.)

BIG SMILES huh? Yep! Its an SB planner you know. Thanks Maver.
Visit Maver here.
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I won in a Kotex Giveaway! :)

Oh I just feel so lucky this year. I won in another giveaway. The prize is not that luxurious though but its fun having prizes. Right? What I did? I just commented why I wanted Kotext Luxe then walllah! I will soon have a pack of it. :)

Here is the mail that I received from Lizz!

Thanks for having the giveaway Lizz! :) Imma tune up for more freebies in your site...
Visit Lizz here!
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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Contest Particulars:
  • You have to be a Cherry Mischievous blog follower via Google Connect to enter the contest.
  • There will only be one winner who gets to take home all of it!
  • Contest is open to international readers.
  • Contest ends on the 31st of January 2010.
  • For books which is for 18s only, you must be 18 or older to accept them. If you are under 18, you are to declare so and contact us before entering the contest.
  • If this contest is not in concordance to your local legislations, it is up to you to follow your local rules.
  • You must have a valid snail mail address and email address to enter this contest. We need the snail mail address to send the book(s) and/or prizes to. We need the email addy to get in touch with you.
Want to join? Click here!
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Cherry's poison study giveaway

Win a brand new copy of Poison Study.
  • You have to be a follower of this blog through Google Friend Connect to enter this contest.

  • January 15, 2010

  • +1 entry credit - for every time you spread the word about this contest, by blogging, tweet, tell your friends, anything, as long as you can give me the url or some sort of proof.

  • There are no geographical restrictions for this contest, it's open to international readers, but only so much as where the postman can reach.
  • Under 16s need parental permission. Proof of parental permission is needed. Contact us at mischivusfairy-poisonstudy [at] yahoo [dot] com.
Visit here giveaway now!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Maver's birthday blast!:)

Hey guys. You might remember about that Starbucks planner giveaway that maver hosted before. Unfortunately, i did not win. But hey hey hey. I have another chance now because he is giving away another planner as his birthday blowout. Wish me luck! :)

Here are the mechanics to join:

1) Write about my birthday blowout on your blog.
2) Leave a comment or link to your post in this entry's comments section. Contest point system is as follows: Blog comment = 1 entry
Twitter/Plurk/FB shoutout = 1 entry
Blog post = 3 entries Therefore, the more comments/posts you submit, the more chances of winning!
3) Since I am turning 36 come January 12th (yes, I am, ANCIENT!), the 36th commenter (as ranked by RANDOMIZER.ORG) will receive the coveted Starbucks Planner.
4) Deadline for submission of entries is on January 12, 2009 at 12:00 a.m.
5) Winner will be announced on Friday, January 15th.

Want to join too? Click here!
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I won! :)


I have been joining contests for about two months now. And hey! I won for the first time. I feel so lucky this year. First, because of that USB THING, and now this! You should have seen how happy I was when I received Karen's mail. ( See Image below).

Please click on the image to enlarge.

Yey! Thanks Karen! I just got $10 (More or less P450.00) in an instant... I would surely hang on to more surprises on your site... God bless! :)

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Link Exchange is not done here. Please proceed to the AFFIES PAGE.

ONLY sweet tags allowed.
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Thursday, January 7, 2010


My aunt in Chicago has recently called and said that she and her family are moving. I know she is so depressed because she will be living her friends and the great service of Direct Tv in her place. When she asked me a suggestion of a city with a good direct tv service, I immediately asked help through

While browsing their site, I found out that they have useful information to the places with directv. I then told my aunt that New York is a very good place to move to not only because her son lives there too but because they have more than twenty direct tv services.

I know she would surely enjoy the Direct Tv in NY! Thanks to I found the perfect place for her!
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