Saturday, May 23, 2009

LadyMary. ü


Yes, I am 18 years old as of May 21...

Thanks for the carbonara and the cream cake that they bought for me. Thanks for the money that they gave me. Thanks because I felt special even for a while.

Do you want to know what my wish was? I just wished that that specialty that they showed me would last even another day.

Moreover, if you think I would continue sharing happy moments with you, then you're wrong. I would love to state some more but there's just nothing more to say.

The clock of the princess ticked to twelve already, so, I am again, enclosed in a life full of rules and pressure. A life with a duty to please everybody, a life where I have to cope to their expectations.

But unlucky as I was, I had disappointed them again. And because I think there's nothing wrong with what I did, I can’t help to hurt inside. In my whole life, I think there’s nothing worse than my situation right now.

As tears run down from my face while writing this, I say, I am already 18 - an age I consider as freedom from the cells of other people's orders. I am no longer a child. THIS IS MY LIFE, ILL DRIVE IT ON MY OWN, help, but please don't demand.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Why? + DRUMs!

Before continuing to read this, i am already giving you an option to click that "x" button at the right top of this window for all you will be able to see are senseless gossips from my mind... but if you still wanna continue, then ok... thanks!

1. Why do I have to live my life with conditions and rules, its my life right? Why did they scold me when in fact it were my efforts which were put to nothing?

2. Why do others act as if they're the only ones having problems and deep disappointments in the world? Don't they know we have those to? or maybe they do but they just wanna recognize theirs?

3. Why did others grow selfish and insensitive when in fact they were the ones who taught us not to be like that in the first place?

4. Why do others always blame it to someone else, cant they see that the error is in them?

5. Why am you still reading this? Didn't i tell it was senseless?

6. If i did, why are you still here?

7. Why?


PS: here are some pictures prooving that there is musicality in my blood. Told you i can drum. hehe xD

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