Saturday, May 23, 2009

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Yes, I am 18 years old as of May 21...

Thanks for the carbonara and the cream cake that they bought for me. Thanks for the money that they gave me. Thanks because I felt special even for a while.

Do you want to know what my wish was? I just wished that that specialty that they showed me would last even another day.

Moreover, if you think I would continue sharing happy moments with you, then you're wrong. I would love to state some more but there's just nothing more to say.

The clock of the princess ticked to twelve already, so, I am again, enclosed in a life full of rules and pressure. A life with a duty to please everybody, a life where I have to cope to their expectations.

But unlucky as I was, I had disappointed them again. And because I think there's nothing wrong with what I did, I can’t help to hurt inside. In my whole life, I think there’s nothing worse than my situation right now.

As tears run down from my face while writing this, I say, I am already 18 - an age I consider as freedom from the cells of other people's orders. I am no longer a child. THIS IS MY LIFE, ILL DRIVE IT ON MY OWN, help, but please don't demand.


  1. ..,,belated happy birthday marg..sos wa jud laman nangimbitar ni xa..,,
    hehehe..nvrmnd na lang..,basta dnt forget sa libre huh..?

  2. hmm... hwag nang ganong sad... enjoy moh kc nandon ka pa ren sa teenage years... mabilis lang ang panahon... enjoy every moment that you have.. malalagpasan moh ren yang mga obstacles moh sa buhay... andyan lang si God to guide you... oh yeah... Happy 18th Birthday!... Godbless! -di

  3. definitely a tearjerking post!
    belated Margs!

  4. marga.. waaaah.. sori.. i did not know nga dlaga na d.ei ka.. aww? happi birthday margz.. belated.. dri rjud ko k.grit.. misHooo..=)

  5. A life with a duty to please everybodydon't even try pleasing people because no matter what you do or how much you try to be the best you can be, there's bound to be somebody who whose goal in life is to find your faults.

    sabi nga, you can't please everybody...

    just be yourself marga. don't pretend and don't mind those people who can't understand you.

    Freedom is a state of mind and a way of living.


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