Saturday, December 12, 2009



Where everything is done according to how you like it!

How many hours do you spent in the mall looking for a design of pencil cases, mouse pads, etc? Quite long right? I myself has the dilemma of looking or a design that actually fits my fave color, cartoon character, etc!

But after I stumbled on this site, all my worries where gone. Customized life gives you the chance to choose between two lovely choices: 1) Pick from the their collection of designs, 2) MAKE YOUR OWN DESIGN! :) Cool isn't it?

These are currently the stuffs that they do: Watches, Clocks, Dog tags, Jigsaw puzzles, camera cases, pencil cases, mouse pads, and many more!

I usually do bloghoppin and I know a lot here are also fond of Hello kitty. So, want all your stuffs to be in this design but you have a hard time looking for it? This site solves your problems! Just submit your design and it will be done.

And worry not, because they only do stuffs with the highest quality of materials. Even the lightest material is guaranteed to be of high quality! :) They even offer discounts from time to time. So dont you ever forget to give this site a visit.

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