Tuesday, December 8, 2009


my little dolly princess story

First, I must say there is bias when I wrote for this blog. Why? Its because the author is a pinkaholic like me. :)

Anyway, besides the cute pink layie that the author has, she has filled her blog with lots and lots of interesting stories too.

Azumi, is a site specially made for Azumi, her baby princess. When you get to visit her blog, you will be updated of the recent happenings of her children's life. She has been sharing all the good stuff and developments of her children especially her baby girl.

I want to share with you a topic that she has written: it is about the talents that her baby has. You'll be inspired to see how she cares for her youngest angel. How she develop the talents that her baby has shown like drawing.

Indeed, mommys are the best employees because they take no time out /no day off. and yes, when you read her blog, you can definitely say that she is the best mommy her children could have. It shows there. Now if you wanna be the best like her? Go and visit her now.

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