Saturday, December 5, 2009

living life to the fullest

Do you know the saying, "mothers know best?"... Living life to the fullest is owned by a devoted mom of a cute two year old boy.

Levy, the author of the site... writes about random things... like funny pictures of words misspelled. If you also want some beauty tips, you can find it in her blog. She also talks about techie things like Canon EOS &D...

Though busy with her son, she never forgets to write about movies and some important personalities like GMA, our pride, MAnny Pacman Pacqiao, PBB houesmates, and survivors. The site is up to date to the "IN" thing of today - that's a guarantee.

Like other moms, the author also writes posts about recipes. Since we Filipinos are fond of eating, it is a must for moms to know how to cook.

And of course, what is more special to write about than her very own son? He is so cute. You got to check it out. Since she writes randomly, you will never ever get tired of reading her posts.

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