Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mike Mamaril

Mike Mamaril

Warning: Interesting facts overload

When I first stumbled on his site, I said... "eeehk, this is like those of the other sites"...
But when I started readin his posts... I had to add "Oh wait. Its like the other sites, only, it is filled with loads and loads of posts that will surprise you."

A self titled blog, and maybe because he is guy, Mike, a web developer, writes mostly about the recent gadgets that he is becoming fond of. If you are also a gadget addict, then it is a must for you to visit this site. He is updated with the latest gadgies, and in fact, he had bought stuffs like PS3 (his third unit!), a Corsair H50 cooler, and a lot more. You can just imagine how addicted he is right? :)

More than that, he also writes health related posts. He writes stuffs about excersing, and the like.

AND HERE's the SURPRISING THING: He writes poems!!! Wow. Not all guys can do that right? And not all guys have the courage to share their poems? He sure is one of a kind - and so is his blog. Check it out now!! :)

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