Monday, November 15, 2010

Revived & Revamped

It has been months since I left this blog in the blue. Why? This has been my money making blog, but unfortunately, for some reasons, its PR decreased to N/A. Tragic!

However, because of that, I gained the best work in Odesk. I was writing for him once a month and he pays me based on this blog's PR. After he found out that I lost my PR, he gave me another job which I still do up to now. I have earned more than $1000 from him already. A blessing in disguise!

Another good news is that I got my PR back! I never thought that though I did not write (or do) anything for this blog, it still managed to have some visitors and gain PR3. Its so amazing my heart jumped happily! 

After having known of the good news, I instantly revamped my layout. I chose a simple one because I will still be having this as a money making blog. I also made a floating chatbox and a contact me form. All the gratefulness to SUPERGULAMAN for lending me his codes.

WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT ME MORE OFTEN: I have an upcoming giveaway. Wanna be a sponsor? Please contact me! Thanks.

PS: I joined a contest which might enable me to have a holiday break worth £400.  All you need to do is register and answer a single question. Join too! Click here. Who knows? We might be heading to our dream escapade soon. :)

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  1. woahh..special mention ako dito... aheks..thanks din..ayt...


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