Thursday, November 18, 2010


Its more than just a short course!
Its a realization of my 

The other day, I searched the internet for a web design (short course) in De La Salle University. And fortunately, there is. So I mailed them up and inquired.

In God's will, I will be graduating this March, and though I am an Information Technology student, it has always been a dream to study web designing minus all the theories about computer and stuff. I am so agitated that soon, I will be able to live up that dream.

So why Lasal? Simply because their web design course is superb and simply because DLSU has been my dream school since elementary. I am also planning to take up a Masters Degree of my course after I take this short course.

Hopefully everything will fall into places. Soon, I shall say, Hello Webdesign! Animo Lasal! :)

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