Sunday, September 21, 2008

think about it. ;]

Is there a hope for a better future?

Filipino youth? Are we doing something to get that change that we want?

Rallies are always done these days. Some of them are shouting for the resignation or impeachment of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. In that way, change would be possible, they said. Yes, that may be an option for the best way to stop corruption is through kicking off the government official who does it, but the question here is, who will replace her? Noli? Bayani Fernando? or worst, Erap again? They who are not even qualified? They who have also been a crocodile in our government? How could we even be so sure that they will not be worse than GMA?

Some would say that we should give GMA a chance to prove herself more. but isn't now the time? didn't we gave her a chance already? Are we going to wait for another Garci scandal to be awake from the miseries we got from her administration?

Others would also say that election this 2010 is our last hope. and i could not agree less. But could i possibly expect that it wound not be about the amount of money that the candidates will give, nor on the number of ads both on television and newspapers that will show their faces?

As part of youth, it is in our great concern that the voters be able to understand that our future will rely on the names that they will write on their ballots... that it is us who will be affected the most... that in exchange for that 100peso bill that they will get from the candidate is a million of suffering from price hikes and crisis.

The election will still be years from now but it would be better if we think about it this soon. It would be better if we ponder about this things a hundred times.. for if not, it would also be us who will suffer...

THINK ABOUT IT. Do you still want to suffer?


  1. Wow, margz! You're soooo not prepared. hehe.. You know what? I also wonder if who will replace GMA in 2010. Who will he or she be? Hmmn... I wonder....

  2. The problem with the Filipino voters is that we don't think ahead. We vote this person for a certain position, and after that what? We ourselves want that person to be ousted, if we later found out that she/he does not deserve that position. Well, at some point, the voters cannot be blamed for this also because these persons are also becoming selfish once they get hold of their desired positions already.

  3. i think nobody else is competent to replace her. nobody else, yet...

  4. i agree. hehe. i hope that in the upcoming election, the voters will really try to think.. ;]

  5. Wow, so Makabayan...

    But I disagree with you people when you said that nobody else is competent enough to replace GMA. This nation needs change. I strongly believe that someone out there can be a good president. We just need to take a risk and try. After all,it is better to try and risk than remaining stagnant in the putrid administration.

    I think the problem is not mainly with Filipinos who carelessly vote (because no one can really identify the true colors of a leader during elections, that's a fact) nor to the Filipinos who wanted to oust the president. The problem is with the people who are already contented with the current situation of the country, with the current leadership, and with the current leader --- even if its already putrid. The problem is with the people who do not dare to take the risk and try...

    And I guess that problem is with you guys... Hehe... Ngano gud mo laban ni GMA? Sumbagayon nalang ai... hehe

    Basta, GMA resign! Out GMA!

  6. if not GMA, then who will be that person who could be a good president? ;]

  7. can i suggest? kadaghan oi... we'll just give another try than remain rotten. like chiz escudero, noli de castro (why not?), loren legarda, manny villar, junrell calunod, and a lot more...

    kidding aside, it's good to try and try than remain and wait...

  8. hmmmm.. id take chiz escudero as a nice option.. hehe.. even though his young, i believe he can manage.. but noli? a big NO. ;]


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