Friday, September 19, 2008

breaking free...

sunday - i was busy preparing all my notes... i was really eager to study... what's new? it has been my life since high school... i study not because i want to (honestly) but because i have to live up with the expectations of the people around me...

high grades and not just satisfactory ones..

that's what they tell me.. that's what they're obliging me to have.. all my life, i did nothing but to do what they tell me to do.. ive been a puppet. but hey! its ok.. cause i love them.. cause i know they're just thinking bout my future.. its ok, or i guess it WAS ok..

now that I'm old enough to decide, i have this desire to break free.. i want to try being just an ordinary student.. i want to try going to school without carrying the burden of their mountain-high expectations.. i want to experience what it is to decide for myself..

i dont want to feel the fear again.. the fear of tellin them that i failed in some of my quizzes, that my midterm exams were a disaster.. i had this high hope that they would understand.. that they will say that its ok..

just when I'm about to take the first step of breaking free, i received a text..

"hi ta! how was your exams, perfect ba? cguru naman pinag aralan mo ng mabuti yon."

and so i asked, is there still hope of me breaking free? i guess there's none..

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  1. studying is the key to get higher grades... its better than cheating... :)

    in one of the Ateneo quotes:

    AMDG: "Ang Mangopya Dakog Grades"

    Dako - Visayan for Mataas.

    its just a joke......

    God bless you! and have a nice day...

    Study well....


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