Friday, December 24, 2010

TN Christmas Party 2010! :)

PLAY! The NORSUnian (TN) first of all, is a student publication in our school, being administered by a bunch of overnight-stayers, food-addicts, and cam-whores. These people are those who loves to sleep in our office, to "attack" the food after the word AMEN in the prayer, and has no candid photos (only those with wide & ready smiles.) I believe they recently had their Christmas Party... Read on...

REWIND. But before all the FUN, they had to prepare for it first. They did some artistic stuff to produce nice decorations and sashes. (Those who made the sashes have  an artistic blood indeed) Aside from that, they had a "hot" encounter with the not-so-friendly saleslady in a department store. 

FAST FORWARD. Everyone really had fun. They had their very first Mr. and Ms. TN 2011 which rocked the night. The candidates were overflowing with beauty, confidence and wit. Delicious food was also served. It was perfect!

The stage. Thanks to the artists for this!
The sashes with the some of the staff members. 
The astig people!
Vanity before the show.
The three CUTIES :P
The self-acclaimed Mr. and Ms. TN 2009
The most anticipated candidates...
These people are really moody, they easily get annoyed and bored. They can have headaches, toothaches, and stomach aches in an instant when they are required to clean, do an intermission number, or join some games. They can be really tardy too! They wont do the dishes and would "evaporate" when called to wash some. They are very noisy. They shout non-stop.

However, these moody, tardy, noisy people are my family...

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  1. sounds like you had so much fun! Congrats on that successful eventr :)


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