Saturday, December 18, 2010

No more Christmas Vacation for me

Note: This is a messy udpate! Please bare with me. I haven't had much sleep lately.

Update #1: Two days ago, I posted this on Facebook. "Its vacation time!!" However, I think I posted too soon. My entire Christmas vacation will be spent in making short stories and poems for our Handurawan, a literary folio. I have tons of poems so I guess that wont be any problem. However, I have a difficulty on deciding the topic for my short story. Last year, I wrote about a girl who fell in love with a girl. Do you have any suggestions?

Update #2:  I am postponing my giveaway until next year. I want to look for more sponsors so lots of blogger would join. Wanna be one? Click the "giveaway everyday" at the header please. Thank you. And speaking of sponsors, please visit Shugah who sponsored a vintage necklace to me. She is so kind and sweet! 

Update #3: "Simply Amazing." I am now a member of the SMART family. However, I only have one contact in my phonebook since I have been a globe user since then. Haha! Wanna be text mates? :) I would love to chat with my co-bloggers.

Update #4: Christmas means parties! This coming Tuesday, we are gonna have a party. Last year, we all wore polka dots dresses. This year, our theme is colors of Christmas. If you opt to wear red, then you dress, accessories, shoes, and even your hair (you gotta dye it) must be red. The colors to choose from is red, green, blue, purple, and yellow. This will be so fun! Below is a photo of our group last year.

Dora, Me, Janet, Rolyn
That's all for now. Take care Y'all.
God bless. Xx

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  1. one is gonna be exciting..weeeeh! merry christmas tn :D :D


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