Monday, December 20, 2010

FACEBOOK LIKES (Win load if you comment!)

I am totally hooked up on liking Facebook pages! For tonight, here are some of the nice quotes that I liked. :D These quotes really made me laugh when I read them! I hope you enjoy them too!

Teacher: Can somebody give me Green, Pink, and Yellow in one sentence?
Student: I can! I heard the phone was ringing... GREEN.. GREEN! So, I PINK up the phone, and said, "YELLOW, who's there?"

(Mom is pregnant) 
Son: What's in there?
Mom: A baby, your sister!
Son: Do you love her?
Mom: Yes, very much!
Mom: !!!

Girl "12 years old": 
Mom, Billy showed me his pen** at school today
Mom: (freaking out)
Girl: It reminded me of a peanut.
Mom: Why? Was it small?
Girl: No it was salty! 
Mom:(passed out) :)

Here's a sweet one by the way...

Guy: Be right back!
Girl: Okay
*2 hours later*
Guy: I'm back.
Girl: What took you so long?
Guy: Someone asked me why I loved you.

And if you still have time... You might wanna try this out! :D

‎1. Go to google translate
2. English -> French
3. Type in "Take a dirty picture for me"
4. Copypaste the translated text and reverse language to French -> English, paste into box
5. Look at resulting text

Note: I'm giving away P20 load to the first one who can comment with the result! This is open to my followers only. :) Always visit here for more prizes! :D

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  1. the google translate says:
    Take a picture for me slut

    hahaha. lols. what the!

  2. prendre une photo coquine pour moi

  3. @ayah - haha! ikr? google knows how to curse! lol :) anyway, di pa kita follower, i guess? :) so si sheena na muna mananalo!

    @sheena: thanks for commenting! :) please send your number to or follow me in twitter - mmnarvasa - and DM me. Thanks!

  4. thanks for sharing the quotes. they're hilarious. haha.. cool blog btw! following you. hope you can visit my blog when you get the time. =)

    I Am DollParts


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