Sunday, December 12, 2010

An organized Rocksteddy Concert

During the Founder's Week Celebration of our university, our Student Government organized a concert. The band that they invited was "Rocksteddy'. At first, I hesitated on watching the event because based on my experience, the concert grounds would be so crowded  and disorganized - everyone would be pushing those in front of them just to get in quickly. There weren't even any lines during last year's concert!

However, upon hearing that the organizers made sure of having crowd control products, I decided to attend. I know that these products would greatly help in making people stay in lines. I also know that security would not be an issue because the guards would be able to check each the spectator's bag because everyone would be queuing.

So to make the story short, the organizers had stanchions, more specifically velvet ropes to control the crowd. And because of that, the concert was organized. I really had a blast! And oh, I think these products are very helpful in traffic control too. I hope our city would avail of Barricades, another crowd control product which is useful for minimizing traffic jam, soon.

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  1. it's a good thing that the concert was organized. iwas gulo :D



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