Monday, December 13, 2010

Website FUNtorial

Last Saturday, we had a pictorial for our website. That was for the student journalists organization which I am currently heading. I am posting this to let y'all know that journalists are not nerds - we could be trendy too! All the members had to to do wacky, scared, sexy, and freestyle poses. Aside from the usual bonding that we have, I know everybody enjoyed that special moment for narcissism. We all just love the cameras, don't we?

We only had to wear casual clothes, so here here are some of my photos. =)

Me ♥
With my co-editors, Rina (left) and Rolyn (Right)
With my co-editors, Rina (left) and Rolyn (Right)
I don't understand our poses, sorry! Haha
We love "peace poses".
I told you so! Haha. Another peace pose.
I love this pic, BUT I don't look scared at all. Do I?
Happiness! :)
Electric fan effect!
FYI, this isn't a candid pose. =)
A happy geek.
With all the editors and Caroline (lavander) our hardworking Business Manager
With Justine (black) and paul (white)
Bang! Bang! I love this photo! Haha :)
About my outfit. I wore a violet off-shoulder blouse and paired it with a ballerina-like skirt. If you noticed, my shoes were a lil bigger than my size. That is because I just borrowed that. It wouldn't hurt to be thrifty you know. It's just a FUNtorial anyway. =)

That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed.
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