Thursday, December 9, 2010

Next big goal after graduation and a promise to self: Boracay Vacay!

 Soon you soon Bora? Yes. Very soon!

These are the reasons why I want to go to Bora.
After hopping from one Facebook profile to another, I finally made up my mind and promised myself a Boracay Island Vacation after my much anticipated college graduation.

If you will look at the collage above, I believe I need not explain why I want to buy a plane ticket right now and be in the first flight to Bora. The scenery is just breathtaking and the island is filled with fun vibes. I am not sure but I think there are a lot of activities that one can do the whole day. And just before the fall of the night, people will start to be in groups and parties here and there will set off. I know that this vacay is the perfect way to reward myself from having done a good job in school. 

And oh! If you're wondering who the guy in black in the photo above is... that's my Kuya Noriel. He recently had his Bora vacay and the photos are his. More than that, I promised to spend my first Bora trip with him and our cycle of friends. He has helped me become stronger and has taught me how to enjoy life to the fullest, so I think it's just that I include him in the reasons why I want to go.

Next big goal after graduation and a promise to self: Boracay vacay!


  1. OMG it seems so perfect!!
    is summer in Brazil and i´m crazy to go to the beach hehehehe


  2. @jess: hi jess! Thanks for dropping by. That is in Boracay Island, Philippines. A lot of foreigners go there. You should too!

    Summer without beach is an incomplete summer experience, for me that is. :)


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