Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love for MATH

Believe it or not, no matter how many times I have complained about the subject, I actually love math (except Geometry). I love solving for x and y, and for the value of this and that. So basically, I like algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. It thrills me and does not bore me at all. However, there is a big BUT.

It has been almost a year since I took and passed (thankfully!) my differential and integral calculus. Thus, all the lessons that I have learned, if not then most of it, are now really vague. I couldn't remember all the formulas and solutions. This semester, I am taking up statistics which requires you to do a little math.

So the big BUT is... I love Math BUT I couldn't remember a thing unless the context is explained to me again. After an explanation, I can handle things on my own. I cannot incorporate those I learned from algebra, etc since my memory is not that good. If only I had a brilliant memory.... If only.

To end this post, let me share to you a quote which stuck in my mind:

The great thing about Math is that it teaches us one very important thing: that every problem has a solution.

I want to contradict that statement cause I know that not all problems in Math have a solution, but I opt to leave it that way. I hope that inspires you as well. As for me, the solution is to do a review on all the topics I have encountered in Math.

Take care everyone!
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  1. u finally loved the subject..ako wa pa jud..tsk3

  2. @orange: yeah! hehe :)
    hapit na pod nya ka :)

  3. this the subject i hate the most but still managed to pass it. thank God :)

  4. i've dealt with math for almost more than 7 years now since high school until college. I don't love it but i have to be good at it in order to survive my course. lol.
    same here all i can remember are basic derivations and integrations the complex ones i forgot.

  5. dear indeed Marga,
    te,i do have to against your idea that not all math problems have an answer, well, first and foremost the journey in math wasn't that easy especially to those people who don't love the subject, and I understand your part. But that big BUT there I think doesn't make any difference in. The concept why math problems were made was because there something in it which has to be solved to get the answer, I mean every problem has a solution because it wouldn't arise if it has no answer. For literal understanding, math wouldn't came up if there's no problem and if there's problem there's always math. Maliban if the problem doesn't involve numbers.Hehehe joke, peru tinuod na siya!!!

  6. :) Not all math problems have a solution, believe me! There is that term that my math teacher in High school told me. Sorry I forgot. :)


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