Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An hour and 30 minutes of mental torture

"Goof afternoon class!" ...and the torture started, I told myself.

First of all, I am not saying that she does not know how to teach. She had earned a degree and I respect that. She has her own teaching methods and she has the right to teach us however she wants. Actually, this isn't a very serious post. So please, calm down and continue reading. :)

An hour and about 40 minutes ago, I entered the classroom with all the energy in the world. Though it was so hot in there, I was calm and smiling. I greeted my classmates a friendly hello and came to my seat. A few minutes after, she entered. She seated on the seat in the center of the room and then she said, "Good afternoon class".

I call it torture because all she ever does is talk and talk. The situation could have been better if what she has been talking is related to the subject. Let me share to you a quick story.

She asked one of my classmates the six senses of man. Just to stop you from laughing; no, it isn't absence like that in a TV commercial. There were actually six and not five, she said; the sixth being the mind power. Throwing all the lessons learned about the senses of man in my elementary years doesn't concern me. But the switch from the senses to Uranium, constellations, stars, Humpy Dumpy and even Pacquiao (she's an avid fan, I tell you!) is just insane.

And so, for one hour and 30 minutes, we talked about the six senses and all those nonsense sub-topics mentioned above. We got out of the classroom drained with energy to even put a smirk on our faces.

Mental torture? Definitely.

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