Wednesday, November 5, 2008


In life, we need companions to live. We need friends to cry on. We need a lover to share our hearts with and we need our family for guidance.

This year, these are special persons from the TN Staff i wanna thank the most.

05. Caroline "Robot" Casal...
Caroline is one of my first closest friends in TN. She was my news partner during the months of January till March. ;] Though I always tease her, I learned so much from her. In the small time that we spent together, she taught me the value of friendship. Thanks Caroline... ;)

04. Dianna Ann Claire "AB" Betchido...
Dianne and I became close when I started hunting for a boarding house that has no curfew. Since she was interested in looking for one to0, we decided to look together. Luckily, we were able to rent a room that's just enough for the two of us. Dianne, thanks for being a sister I always wanted.

03. Ren Angelo "man__c" Elevera...

Despite all the hard ships and all the sad things, I still consider this person very special. He is one of the persons who really made me happy at some time. hmmm. Let's not elaborate. hehe. ;)Anyway, thanks ren...

02. Lester Van Clifford "____" Ebol...

Because I was broken hearted, and since he has an ear for dramas and all, we instantly became close. Despite of the usual boy hunting and s_x lessons that we talk about, there is still much to know about him. He is a guy(?) with a good heart, definitely. He is the kind type, and also someone whom you can really trust. Lezh, thanks for everything, there's too much too mention. ;)

01. Junrell "Bong" Calunod...
Honestly, I do not really know how to start thanking this person for all the things he did to me. He really plays a big big role in my life. He is my bf (jokin! ;]), my kuya, and my ultimate friend. He one of the persons i can share my problems with, he is one who never fails to give me advices. He is a life saver. ;] Thanks so much kua, you mean so much to me. ;]

*I also want to thank all the other staff of TN for the friendship... It has been a great year cause i met you guys... Thanks! I love you all, seriously. ö


  1. hmmmmm.....kasama ka pala sa gang ni BONG ha. At number 1 fan ka nya. Sikat pala talaga itong si Bong. Add kita blog list ko ha. hope to see you around more often....

  2. aw, i'm so touched. is ds true? waaaa!

    at nag-top grosser pa ako dito sa countdown mo....

    hmmmmm... naisip ko lang, bakit kaya?

    a) baka dahil gusto mo lang talagang manipsip. agoi
    b) baka dahil gusto mo lang magpapogi points para gawin ko na ang kinukulit mong header...
    c) baka dahil gusto mo lang talagang mapansin kita, for once in ur lyf. aw... haha

    bitaw, kidding aside, u know na. ur always a little sister to me (wd teary eyes effect). nothing can change that. (basta, sori au. little sister rajud ha. ayaw na ng bf-gf relationship...) hehe

    love u margs!

  3. ahm Bong(blog name)..i aGree mUkhang nAgpApaPogi pOints lang yan sAu pRa gWan mO nG hEAder..pEru kNg mAgkagayOn mAN gWan mO nA rIn aKo..afTer all..wAt aRe fReEnds aRE fOR? soWe sUmoBra sa aRe..
    aNywez, sAlaMat dIn bOng..
    aNd 2u mARga sNa lAng wLa nA aKong uTang sAu dHil nAgcOmmEnt nA rIn aKo sa pOSt mo..
    and to sAlingPusa..sIkAt tLagA yAN si Bong..diBa Bong?

  4. >i'm so touched marg, knowing dat i am 1 of ur spcial frend in TN, and knowing dat sum1 think of me as spcial.
    >i don't know wat myks me spcial 2 u but i want u 2 know dat i fel d sym way 2..
    >tanks marg.. i'm really gld we're frendz...
    >lab u...mwaaaaaah....>

  5. hello nice blog, care for link exchangeee????? n_n God blessssss

  6. galing naman nag pag feature sa mga kaibigan. very thoughtful.

  7. SALINGPUSA: hehe. correction, ako po ay hindi fan, kundi little sister na minsan din nging gf. haha. jokin.

    BONG: your so bad kua. huhuhu. heartily bya na. ill cry na. hehe. anyways, nothing jud ha? love u to0 kuya. thanks again.. ;]

    MAVS: hehe. wala na. keep on commenting. ;]

    CAROLINE: car, grammar check pls. hehe. joke. gi.away npud tka. hahaha. waaa. thanks car. im glad were friends to0. lav you to0. :]

    WOLFWOOD16: geez, sure. ;]

    THE DONG: really? thanks..

  8. i never thought TN could get a lady photographer.. :")

  9. LANCE: what's wrong with havin a lady photographer? ;]


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