Thursday, November 27, 2008

miSs aMlan 2007...

A year ago, I received a great gift from the Lord. When I decided to join Miss Amlan 2007, I was not really expecting to win but I was hoping for the best. I prayed a lot and I really gave it my all.

When the host announced that I won the first minor award, I was really thankful. I then told myself, “Now you’re sure you won’t go home with nothing.”

But then, I didn’t know that the Lord has prepared more for me. My name was called again for 4 more minor awards. I was so happy with what I got for it was beyond what I was praying for.

And then the major awards were announced. I then swore to myself that if I win, I will be a role model to the youth; that I will be an ambassador of good will.

The thrill was felt by all the 8 candidates as the host announced the last major award.

Then he said… and the Miss Amlan 2007 is candidate no.1, Maria Margarita Narvasa...

That was certainly the best blessing that the Lord has ever given me. And as promised, I tried my best to be the finest example of my fellow Amlanganons.

Now, my reign is about to end and another beauty should wear the crown. But before I finally pass what the Lord has given to me, I would like to thank my mom for the full support she has given.

Ma, I joined that pageant for you. Thanks for the help, the support, and the sacrifices. You are my inspiration. I would never have done it without you. You’re the best mom in the world, mother.

I also wanna thank my The NORSUnian family, and all those who went here last year to support me. You should know that all you’re efforts are deeply appreciated.

I hope that the next Miss Amlan would continue to be an inspiration to the youth. I hope that she would be able to show the world how great Amlanganons are. And I hope, that she will be able to continue to inspire all of us and be an epitome of beauty and good will as the years pass.

Thank you for the opportunity, and good luck to the new Ambassador of Goodwill of Amlan...

[haha. ito ung kopya ng speech ko para bukas... ala lang. share ko lang... hekhek... yoko sana ipamigay ang crown ko kaso kelangan na daw isauli eh... hahaha... "maglaru tayo, agawan ng crown!"... lol]

more photos of MISS AMLAN 2007 HEEEERRRRREEEE..♥


  1. ganda...galing naman..congrats... :)... san ka nmn sali naun... ;)

  2. SUPERGULAMAN: hehe. thanka po kUa. tsaka, yoko po sumali naun e. XD




  4. wow nmn! actually naranasan co rin sumali sa pegeant. . miss gay nga lang. .lol

    tama! makipag laro ka agawan ng crown. .lol natawa talaga aco jan. . haha. .

  5. those were the days marga...
    medyo maliit pa siya nun...
    diet ka ulit margz then sali ka sa miss philippines...
    magdadala kami ng tarp for you...

  6. wow..ur so wonder kung bakit ka nanalo...cheers=}

  7. GENYZE: hahaha. salamat. lavu2. lol

    PAPEL: haha. nanalo ka?

    hahaha. tsk tsk. nakuha na nya ang crown ko. huhu. x(

    AIAN: haha. i will. i will. x)

    RIO: wow naman. thanks huh.

  8. wow bilib naman ako sayo....may ibubuga ka pala....hehehee keep up coz you have the beauty too....

    may brains kaya?lol

    narinig mo bang whispher ko? hehehe

  9. ABA xempre!!!si MArga ata yan!!!sino p nga bang tatalo sayo?....prinsesa ng blogesperyo!!!!!...congrats....hehe

  10. sigurado akong may brains si marga...
    Dean's lister kaya yan...
    she's not only beautiful, she's also intelligent. That is for sure.

  11. PIOJUNBABIA: haha. salamat sa compliment na may dalang whisper. haha.

    uu narinig ko, kaso sinagot na ni ate aian eh. aun, basahin mu nlang. =)

    PAJAY: haha. aba. ako na pla ang prinsesa. naku salamat po.. hehe

    AIAN: hehe. thanks te, for believing in me.. ehem. =0

    ROYALTY: as usual driver, wala ka na naman sa world na ito. hehe

  12. yaps, nabasa ko...lahat,,,,mula ulo hanggan paa,,,hehehe./..joke lang yun,,,saludo naman ako sayo eh sa totoo lang,,,,may beauty na may brains pa, asan ka pa mag hahanap nun? dito lang sa Margablogspotdatcom yuhoooo...

  13. PIOJUN: haha. aba may biglang ganun agad? ahaha. salamat pow.. =)

  14. oo para walang gulo... =D

  15. wow! now it shows that beauty pageants is not all about being beautiful.

  16. DONG: of course... it should be about beauty, personality and brains..

    [personality cause..."actions reflect yourself"...]


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