Thursday, November 6, 2008

new craze! ;]

I could clearly remember [cause its stated in my profile. hekhek] that I made this blogger account last April. I was really eager to type down my thoughts but unfortunately, i wasn't able to. It was because I when I start facing the computer, my thoughts start to run out of my mind.

It was just this September when I noticed that more and more staffers of TN [the official student publication of Negros Oriental State University] are into blogging. I watched them as they continually publish posts, make new friends and learn new stuffs. Then I said, i wanna do that to0. and so, here am i, encoding some random thoughts. having fun with blogging.

It was not really long when almost all the other staff of TN had a blog. Yes! BLOGGING IS IN! ;]
And were starting to fall in love with it.


01. Aside from the fact that we are required to have an account here for our website [bulgaran! hehe], bloggin is an intelligent version of friendster. ;] agree?

02. You can express your feelings through blogs. Emote2 factor! ;]

03. You meet new friends here. "care to xlink?"

04. and a lot more [tinamad mag-isip]

hehehehe.. and so, fellow friends and bloggers, let's the continue this new craze! ;]

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