Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have been in the student publication since my high school days. And as of press time, I am the editor in chief of our student publication. Since I am surrounded by people in the journalism industry, I very well know that no newspaper could be err-free. There will always be spelling or a grammar errors because that is inevitable. We're humans, and we do mistakes.

Yesterday, we released an issue without noticing that there was an error with the headline. We sucked, I know. I fully admit that we were irresponsible for not noticing it when in fact it has the largest font size in the whole issue. But what's done is done, and we couldn't change the fact that there has already been a damage done. We're deeply sorry.

However, what dismayed me most, is how a person with a high rank in the university called us STUPID just because we committed that mistake. We are definitely not stupid. We are clumsy, NOT STUPID. How can a so-called educated person call us that? In fact, she even tried her very best in spreading the news by telling a student from our that the headlines is wrong. Unfortunately for her, that student is also a member of the pub.

When a student in the university achieves something relevant (e.g board topnotcher), the first thing they say is that it is because of the quality education that the school offers. They always want to be included in the praise. But now that something bad has happen, they call us stupid.

Well thank you so much ma'am. For showing us that you're only there for us when were on top. Thanks for showing us that "being a second mother" to us is no more than a facade. Thank you so much!


  1. i hope she reads this blog....then we'll be called up to her office again....hahaha

  2. real true... her vernacular is even misspelled and what difference does that make.. she's just making a big issue out of a simple misspelled word...hahaha

  3. tawag dyan nag iiwan sa ere :)

  4. good luck lagi sa iyo..i hope mag exchange link tayo..


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