Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear Lord

Since my other site is still down, I'll just write my entry here.

Since this year started, I had several sad experiences already. I don't know if God is just testing me or am I just being punished, nonetheless, I know that all of these is a part of his great plan for me.

On the first day of January, my family grieved for the loss of my uncle. He passed away on December 31st of last year. Now who would want to celebrate the coming of the new year? So we just went to sleep and cried our hearts out.

Mom went to General Santos City to join the funeral of her brother. She had no sleep and so, so got so sick. She even lost her voice and could not utter a single word. Twas only my mom too, who was able to go to the funeral since the fare to the said city from ours would cost around P8,000.00 per person. It was really heartbreaking that we couldn't bid farewell to Tito Mike.

A few days after, Abby, my sister, got allergies on her arms. At first, we thought it twas nothing serious. So we just let her drink antihistamine. The day after, it disappeared. I was almost relieved until mom texted me last night that Abby had high fever, cough, and there were allergies all over her body. When I received the text, I immediately cried.

Then I prayed.

Lord, tama na please. I know I always say I'm strong. And I'm trying to be. But when it comes to my family, I weaken. Wag nalang sila, please? Ako nlang. Ako na lang please. :(

I sure hope he would hear my prayers. I love you Lord.

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