Friday, January 14, 2011


If you noticed, I complained about losing my PR, but now its back. It registers a high PR3 ranking. But before I reached that, let me share to you a very weird story on how I got my PR.

This blog was put up on May 2008. That time, I still had no idea on what PR is. In fact, I just made this to write about anything that happens on my life. Afterwards, I started to venture the blogosphere and made new friends. I then started to join giveaways and the like. That is slo why I learned about different ads like Adgitize and Entrecard. So I also joined them!

However, there will always come a time that one blogger will feel tired of writing - especially when there isn't something to write about; when the spark for writing is gone. And so, for nine long months, I was on hiatus. No updates, no ads, no link exchanges. Everything on this blog was sleeping.

However, as my boss in Odesk tried to research about me, he stumbled on this blog. He then said that he wanted to advertise here. And I was like, "What? That blog is dead sir." He replied to my surprise, "but that blog has very high PR".

I immediately checked the PR and it registered PR3. I was so happy and shocked at the same time, that I immediately changed its layout, did so many posts, and looked for blogs for link exchanges. I also included a CBOX in it. But that was my biggest mistake.

I did not know, because I have used CBOX before, that it allows pop-ads. So everytime someone visits my blog, an ad (a porn one :|) pops up. And I think that was the reason that after a week of putting it up, I lost my PR. When I checked it, it registered N/A. I was devastated. I tried everything to get my PR back but to no avail.

Fortunately, I stumbled on a blog with a similar problem to mine. I read that my loss of PR was due to a chatbox that allows pop-ads. I then replaced my CbOX with Shoutmix. So now, after a week of doing so, my PR is back!

Problem solved! So how to get a pr3 blog? Write always, do link exchanges with high ranking blogs, and DO NOT PUT CBOX.

That would be all!


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