Wednesday, March 18, 2009

her name is KIM.

It upsets me knowing that that I am reason why she is hurt... It breaks my heart for i know that her tears are the fruits of my insensitive actions... And it saddens me that she gave everything to me yet I let her down, I hurt her, so much. :(

I am sorry Kim. I know that these words are not enough to pay all the pains I caused you, but still I am sorry. It was never my intention to make you cry, in fact, your growls wounds my heart. It was not in my plans to lie yet I felt like I did not have any choice...

After everything, I want you to know that I am here for you, that if you have problems, you can count on me... I am your friend, and ill always be... Whatever happens, our friendship will remain till the end of time...

You'll remain to be one of the best friends I ever had. I love you Kimmy. Forever.


  1. WOW

    ang sweet naman

    kung ano man nagawa mo sa friends mo...

    i know she will forgive u,u sound so sincere


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