Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok. So they're saying it’s absurd to even think that I can lay my hands on him (ui! wag bastos...) or more, to even wish that he is going to be mine, but who cares? If not him, then it wouldn’t be anyone else... (translation ko na wrong gramming: Kung hindi siya, edi wag nlang! *laughs*)

I am talking about Ernest Lorenzo "Enchong" Dee... my love, my life! :)

A prince of every princess’ (like me) dreams. It’s a fact that this guy has a vast number of fans due to his addictive smile and really heavenly good looks. But those aren’t my only reasons for loving him. Yes, I love him. (Life ko na nga siya diba?)

I admire this angel’s outlook in life…In YOU Magazine, he shared that though he earns much in showbiznezz, he is still concerned with his studies… He also said in YOU mag and I quote, “Why do I have to go through all these [exams] when I can easily earn more by focusing on showbiz full time?” Then he thought of the unemployment rate in the Philippines and believed that his diploma will assure him and his family with stability in life. A real husband material right? A marga’s husband material indeed!

Another thing that made me crave (wow) more of him is his being conservative; that even if he is blessed with a holy gracious hot hot hot body, he still doesn’t agree wearing trunks alone in dry landRespect for himself, expressed in his actions…

This guy, admirable by birth, has a lot of people around him wishing the same thing I have been praying for, BRO, PLEASE MAKE HIM MINE. But I know, someday, somehow, he will see me and he’s gonna love me too. *laughs*

He will soon discover that he loves me… soon, cause he does not know me yet. *laughs*

PS: Boo, peace! haha. Pang blog lang po... at PS ulet, bka hindi na ako mkakapost lage (hindi na daw, eh di naman tlga ako nagppost lage! haha) kase magwwork na kme sa TN MAG eh. weee. wish us luck. :)


  1. hahaha!! so funny naman this post... as in... di ko na rin kinakaya si enchong dee as in he's the best talaga... i really like him nga eh!!

    ... alam ma naman ang buhay ay isang chicken... lahat ng sinabi ko ay puro char lang... kagabi ka pa ha.. pati ba naman sa blog... enchong pa rin! kaloka ka!!

  2. BEA: u like him? too bad he's mine na. were married. sori, i feel for you. really.

    ngaun ko lan nalaman na ang chicken ay natotok rin. oh my gawd. haha. MARBE tumigil ka!

  3. pamatay kay marBEA!

    im a princess in my dreams
    and im happy to have enchong as my prince
    i love my friends
    and i love to tease.
    dont say your buts
    its not welcomed, k? cut!

  4. ahaha.nakaktuwa sobrang crush mo si enchong dee.well kung ganon, magaral ka sa la salle, tagadun lang sya. anyway, cool nga si of the most watched out for young stars

  5. KCAT: haha. oo nga. cool sia. super. grabe! waaaaaaaaa!

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  7. watever!!!... well ok nlg dreaming and being ambitious isn't bad... so managinip ka hanggat kaya mo.... hehehe... advse ko lng ky BRO huwag na nyang ibigay ang hinihingi mo. kawawa namn si ENCHONG if napunta sayo... wahaha...


  8. Ika nga ng kanta ng kamikazee: "Libre lang mangarap, managinip habang gising"...hehehe..rock it on...

  9. i only have one word: AMBISYOSA! Hahahaha

  10. Naku... mag-aambisyon ka nalang, sa BADING pa! Ahahaha... Peace... BTW, angganda mo ate! ehehehe... ayun

  11. EXTRA: he's gonna be mine! hmP!

    SHIRGIE: haha. a reachable dream!

    BONG: so0 not!

    KUROG: he is not gay!!!! T_T


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