Thursday, February 10, 2011

I joined the The Spectrum Nat'l Press Conference & Awards

Sticky: My #secretblog# has a full story of this post! So if you would like to read more of what happened in the event, then please visit that site. Its a secret blog so I cant post the URL here. But if you want to, you may contact me using the comment/contact tab. I'll willingly share it to you. ^_^

Last week, I attended the 7th Spectrum National Press Conference and 1st Spectrum National Press Awards in Bacolod City. And here's the good news: Kenneth Buenaflor Pael, Pol Eso, and I bagged the Best News story, Best Editorial Cartoon and Best Editorial awards respectively.

Our group, more than anyone else I guess, was really overwhelmed for bagging three major awards in the event! Congrats everyone! The NORSUnian (our student publication) rocks! :D

About the photo, that was my attire during the fellowship night. Furthermore, all the delegates got hooked in the song entitled "terrified" so I used it's lyrics as my caption. The event was a blast; I'll surely treasure the memories!

More exciting stories to tell in my secret blog! Ask the URL now! :)


  1. Oh, hello there from a fellow National Press Conference attendee. But that was years ago hahaha. Good luck with your writing. Of course, don't forget the nuances of grammar and language. Perhaps, someday you can pursue Journalism like I did. I never regretted it ;)


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