Monday, February 21, 2011

Fixing Broken Hearts

I read this in my twitter account just minutes ago, "Infidelity is the top reason for break-ups." Do you agree? Cause I don't. I think the top-most reason is LYING, followed by JEALOUSY, then LACK OF TRUST, and the fourth is infidelity.

And sometimes, you just fall out of love for no reason. How about you? Have you ever tried breaking up with someone? What was the reason?

And I do agree with the photo above, when you break up with someone really dear to you, you wish you never knew and felt love; that physical pain is easier to heal than emotional one. However, just a reminder, you wouldn't know what REAL LOVE is, if you have not experienced PAIN. Right? So cheer up!



  1. knowing true love is worth all the pain it brings te margz....:)

  2. been there, done that. having your heart broken is one of the worst feelings. but one way or the other, we get to learn some things from all these bitter-sweet experiences. nice blog sis :)


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