Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do you really know how to follow instructions?

Let me share to you a story I learned from my teacher last night...

There was a Marine officer who ordered all his members to take of all their clothes and then told them to put on some swimming trunks. Afterwards, the officer told them to stand on the edge of the pool and wait for further instructions.

After thirty minutes, the officer hastily instructed the members to...


After hearing the instruction, the members jumped to the pool one after the other. However, they all failed the test. Yes, they did all the instructions. But the officer never told them to jump to the pool. He only said, jump! Why didn't they jump in their places?

Lesson? Think first before doing anything. Never expect and never assume. Cause sometimes, things doesn't go as planned.



  1. this is something new ah. :) thanks for sharing this. made me think talaga. :D oo nga naman. xD

  2. hahahhaha.. absolutely right!

  3. yup tama d nga sila nag follow ng instruction pero since nsa tabi sila ng pool pg snbing talon meaning ttlon sila sa pool prang common sense nlng db? hha wala lng. XD

  4. hhahahaha tamah!!!

    make sense lng ang kailangan

  5. gustong maligo kaya tumalon..hehe..bakit pa nag swimming trunks kung hindi maliligo sa pool..


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