Thursday, October 22, 2009



Hey guys! Im currently workin on a new blog. :) I still have to finish workin on my layie. whew, codings and all... Still have to be taught by my new&&pretty host, Ms. Anne.♥



Though its officially our sembreak, it doesnt feel that way... with the loads of requirements to do, I dont think i could still call it a break! :(
I hope will get all of these done very very soon!



I wonder why something like goodbye's have to be present in our lives? Can't we just live together forver? Oh well, I hope Im gonna miss someone. You know who you are! Thanks for everything.

[wondering why i didnt say his name yet? because my post which is especially for him is still in the drafts folder. :) watch out for it huh?]



Got to sleep now... after lotsa days of doin my projects the whole night, and after almost being killed in one of that nights [gonna blog about this too, soon!],
I think I have to skip my computer addictions first
and give my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious(means wonderful, eek?)
self a treat - sleep!

Goodnight everyone!
Love you all!:)

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