Tuesday, October 20, 2009

bitchness :)

i recently heard that someone is talking malicious things behind my back (take note he WAS one of my closest friends)... so i thought it would be impolite not to reply. :)

here is what i have to say to IT.

1. too much insecurity has no remedy.
2. no matter how much you backbite me, ill still end up as me... pretty and smart, and you'll still be you, UGLY and an OBVIOUS LOOSER.
3. And last, thanks for making me MORE popular. that's so sweet of you. lol:)

I'm better of without people like you, oh wait. are you a human?


  1. Yay! I hate back stabbers. Kunwari friend pero kpg nakatalikod sinisiraan ka pala. tsk tsk. Yer right and always take note. They're just insecure. :P

  2. whoa that's harsh... hate backstabbers huh?? get back at IT then... heh

  3. joni: uy cousin, lol. :) thanks for dropping by.

    anyway, yea. insecure animals! haha. nothng else to do but look at others' mistake. hmmm, nut maybe that's because they cant look at their ugly selves?

  4. carl: their not worth my precious time. haha :)

  5. kill them all!
    btaw margs...
    it would be so much better if you tell all these things in their faces. I've done it before and the reaction is just so hilarious to watch!
    Try it! Its more satisfying!...=)

  6. aian:

    haha i will te. actually, that's part two. i already told him

    "ang mga tawung wlay batasan dapat ilansang sa crus!"


  7. well whatever it is, you know the truth, you know yourself better so wag ka makinig sa kanila, and sabi nga ng quote na nabasa ko, you might as well give them something to talk about. hehe!! ^0^

  8. cyndirellaz: salamat sa pagdaan sisy!Ü

    well oo nga. it hurts lan na after all the help i gave him, this is what i get... but un nga, its his *ugly* life and i cant do anything about it.

  9. Easy lang sis... Whoever that is, inggit lang yan. :) Oh well, like you said, you don't need someone like him anyway. :)

    Go sis! ^^ We know you're better than that person. :)

  10. rich: hi sisy!Ü well ofcourse inggit sia... nobody cares for him kasi! hahaha

    i did but i think hindi worth it! :)


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